From Where I Sit
By Vivian Lazar

The  end  of every HaZamir season is bittersweet for those of us working with high school teens.  After 4 years of teaching, nurturing and connecting, we say goodbye to those seniors who have finally mastered all that we've offered them. We know them well and have created strong relationships with them. Now, we send them off with a tool kit of information, a roster of national and international friends and skills that we've provided. As they enter an ever wider world, these teens will most likely have to learn to re-navigate their way. This scenario will be very familiar to every parent, high school teacher or youth movement leader who works with high school teens.
So do we mourn or do we rejoice? Surely we are sad to say goodbye to our HaZamir seniors, but we are so very proud and feel privileged to have interacted with and learned from these exceptional young people.  
Many HaZamir graduates return each year to staff our annual Festival and sing with the HaZamir alumni. Some like  Tali , who was the catalyst for creating Zamir Noded, the Zamir Choral Foundation's newest choir for 18-30 year olds, stay close to "home" where they sing with Mati each week. Others, like  Mira , who is spending her 2nd  summer in the HaZamir office, offer their help because they want to pay it forward. Still others like
Avital, Sophie Lee, Chris and Daniel conduct HaZamir chapters once they've completed college and  really  come home but on the other side of the podium.
So like a parent who sends his child off to college or a gap year, we also want out HaZamir graduates to find their own voices and soar. But, like all parents, we hope our graduates will come back to share their successes with us, offer their newfound skills to our tool box and most important, help shape our world with the values and principles that guided them during their years in HaZamir.
To all our graduates:  We are so proud of you. You pioneered a frontier that is unknown to most Jewish teens. You raised your own bar and you did this with devotion and joy.
May your voices remain raised!
Yachad Na'amod

Congratulations  to our HaZamir Seniors! 

Allison Abrams - Young Judea Year Course, Binghamton University
Emma Benun - University of Rhode Island
Rebecca Engel - Binghamton University
Isabel Feller-Kopman - UMass Amherst
Noam Fields-Meyer - Emory University
Jenna Fink - New York University
Paige Friedman - University of Minnesota
Daniel Goldman - Mechinat Nachshon, University of Maryland
Rebecca Grossman - Young Judea Year Course
Nicole Hait - Aharai
Yosef Kagedan - Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi, Rutgers University
Rebecca Karpen - New York University
Michael Kirschner - Columbia University
Cara Kupferman - List College (Columbia/JTS Joint Program)
Polly Lehman - University of Minnesota
Joseph London - Montclair State University
Talia Lorch - Dartmouth College
Juliana Lynch - New York University
Matan Mann - Nativ, Muhlenberg College
Yonatan Rekem - Carleton College
Miram Rosenbluth - Rutgers University
Samuel Dylan Rosner - Harvard/New England Conservatory Joint Program
Natalie Ross - University of Arizona
Esther Schlossberg - Muhlenberg College
Nitzan Shohaam - Israeli Defense Force
Rachel Shuman - Bridgewater State University
Kaleigh Shupp - University of Delaware
Ian Silberzweig - SUNY Buffalo
Katherine Silk - Nativ
Shira Silver - Nishmat, University of Pennsylvania
Claire Singer - University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Snow - Nishmat
Ehud Suchowolski - Year of Service at Hanoar Haoved Youth Movement
Jodi Teitelman - Towson University
Yoav Tene - Israeli Defense Force
Adam Teri - Israeli Defense Force
Kate York - Case Western Reserve University

HaZamir Seniors - West Coast Region

HaZamir Seniors - New York Region

HaZamir Seniors - New Jersey Region

HaZamir Seniors - New England Region

HaZamir Seniors - Midwest Region

HaZamir Seniors - Mid Atlantic Region

HaZamir Israel Seniors

HaZamir Appears at the Annual Gathering of Remembrance

On May 1st, 2016, 70 singers from 8 HaZamir chapters performed at Temple Emanu-El at the Annual Gathering of Remembrance for an audience of 2,000 including Holocaust survivors and their families. Their performance was deeply moving, and a testament to the endurance of the Jewish people and their music.

HaZamir at Madison Square Garden

HaZamir was THRILLED to sing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden on May 31st for the New York Liberty women's basketball team. 

The singers warmed up next to Billy Joel's equipment before leading the thousands of fans in the Garden in the National Anthem.

Thanks to Scott Stein (conductor HaZamir Manhattan) for conducting our singers so beautifully!

Announcing the 2016 - 2017 
HaZamir Teen Leaders 

Congratulations to our  new and returning Teen Leaders of the 2016-2017 HaZamir season.  We know they will work hard to support their local chapters and utilize the skills they learn to better 
the global Jewish community.

HaZamir Ashkelon
Elihay  Skital

HaZamir Balitmore
Rayut  Berkowitz,  Naomi Lichtenstein,  Brina  Rosen

HaZamir Beit  She'an
Yarin Chai

HaZamir Bergen County
Emily Knopf  ( International  TL Co-Chair )
  Jacob  Gorman,  Margalit  Sobel

HaZamir Boston
Ness Burger, Benjamin Sokol

HaZamir Brooklyn
Shoshana  Brickman, Leora Singer

HaZamir Cleveland
Shira  Laserson

HaZamir Columbus
Shoshi  Berk

HaZamir Dallas
Emily Rosuck

HaZamir DC
Ariel Troy

HaZamir Hartford
Alexandra van der Hulst

HaZamir Jerusalem
Moraya  Sobel

HaZamir Karmiel / Misgav
Carmel Manea

HaZamir Kfar Saba
May Keret , Maia Mingelgrin

HaZamir Long Island
Maya Behiri , Sasha Pezenik

HaZamir Los Angeles
Hannah Lande , Tobi Stein

HaZamir Manhattan
Ella Crowell Lang, Davina Goodman

HaZamir Miami
Stephanie Berger, Chloe Brown

HaZamir Minneapolis/St. Paul
Kelsey Bailey

HaZamir North Jersey
Joshua Gonzalez (International TL Co Chair)
Ilana  Goldin Samantha Schmutter

HaZamir Philadelphia
Stacie Kerbel

HaZamir Pittsburgh
Ariana Finkelstein,  Naomi Frim -Abrams

HaZamir Providence
Penina  Satlow

HaZamir Silicon Valley
Samuel Joffe

HaZamir South Jersey
Melanie Raush

HaZamir Westchester
Carly Batt

Alumni News

Baruch Dayan Emet

We Extend Our Sincere Condolences to:

Hodaya Yarden  (HaZamir Beit She'an, 2016) on the passing of her father.

May the Memories of Those We've Lost
Always Be a Blessing

Mazal Tov

Shir Dykan (Hazamir Kfar Saba) on her marriage  t o  Yedidya  Schwartz.  

Shoshi Rosenbaum (HaZamir North Jersey) and Ethan Goldberg (HaZamir Philadelphia) on their engagement.

Cantor Hinda (Eisen) Labovitz (HaZamir North Jersey) and Bob Labovitz on the birth of their twins Devorah and Judah. 

Lara Traum (HaZamir Westchester, founding Conductor) upon receiving her law degree from Benjamin N. Cordozo School of Law.

Rachel Brook (HaZamir Westchester, former Conductor) upon receiving cantorial ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Shoshi Rosenbaum (HaZamir North Jersey)  upon receiving 
cantorial ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Ethan Goldberg (HaZamir Philadelphia) upon receiving 
cantorial ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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