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Vivian Lazar
There is much talk today about "meeting people where they are" in order to engage them. Engagement certainly requires that teacher and student first meet on common ground. HaZamir believes this too, but only for that initial encounter. The HaZamir program has proven that when the bar is gradually but 
continuously raised, those in the fold will stretch to meet it.


The HaZamir program is demanding, yet, I don't think most of our HaZamirniks think of it that way. Our talented HaZamir conductors guide our singers through a season of challenging repertoire with masterful teaching and musical inspiration. Our HaZamir singers have been empowered by meeting the standards set for them. They have developed a sense of discipline and of pride in their own achievements and apply these same qualities to other aspects of their lives.


Discipline and accomplishment can be achieved in many areas beside music. Alas, in an effort to "celebrate" everyone as equal, we have watered down so much in our society and sent a message that everyone is entitled to success whether they earn it or not.


HaZamir teens have worked hard for their success. I has brought them all the way to Carnegie Hall, where a season of dedicated and focused rehearsals will result in a concert on March 30th that demonstrates far more than 300 teenagers singing together.
Each has learned the sophisticated repertoire he or she will perform. 
Each has experienced the gratification that comes from immersing oneself in hard work to achieve a common goal. 
Along the way these young people have also built a peer community founded on the courage to accept a challenge, dedicate themselves to meeting that challenge, and succeeding beyond their own expectations.
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HaZamir Intervisitation & Chamber Choir Retreat
In January,  HaZamir singers gathered from around the United States for the annual HaZamir Winter Intervisitation & Chamber Choir Retreat, hosted by HaZamir North Jersey.
This two-day intensive retreat is the first national event of the HaZamir season, preparing HaZamir singers for the Festival weekend. The end result of all the hard work will be presented at the HaZamir Gala Concert in Carnegie Hall on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 3pm.
Eleanor Epstein, Guest Artist, Conducts at HaZamir Intervisitation
Did You Miss the Open Rehearsal at Intervisitation?
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HaZamir Teen Leader Shabbaton

By Madeline Lemberg (HaZamir Pittsburgh) and Rachel Gluck (HaZamir Los Angeles), 
HaZamir International Teen-Leader Co-Chairs 

 24 HaZamir Teen Leaders from across the United States gathered in Caldwell, NJ for a Teen Leader Shabbaton in preparation for the HaZamir Winter Intervisitation. We participated in leadership activities, preparing social activities for the event, and sharing strategies for leadership on both the local and national level. We also had a discussion about Israel in which we were able to express our thoughts  in an open, safe environment.

Something truly unique about HaZamir is how it brings us together -- no matter what Jewish backgrounds we have-- and helps us connect to each other in an indescribable wayComing out of this Shabbaton, we have gained leadership skills and a greater connection to HaZamir, but we have also made wonderful friends who have done and will continue to do an incredible job leading their local chapters. 

A huge thank you to Ellie Reis and Ilana Sidorsky, our teen leader Fellow,

 without whom our amazing Shabbaton would never have been possible, 

and, of course, to all of the HaZa-Wonderful Teen Leaders!

We can't wait to be reunited at Festival!
HaZamir Tour of Israel

This December, HaZamir singers from across the United States, along with Ellie Reis and Scott Stein, Conductor of HaZamir Manhattan, participated in the HaZamir Tour of Israel. 
HaZamir America toured our Homeland as we sang at every site we visited. The tour ended with a gala concert at which we were joined by our two HaZamir Israel chapters, HaZamir Kfar Saba and HaZamir Beit She'an and HaZamir Alumni from both the U.S. and Israel.
A Visit with Achinoam Nini!
Left: Max and Zach on top of Masada
Right: Matan with HaZamir Israel Alumni on Leave from the IDF 
A Wonderful Welcome for HaZamir America from HaZamir Kfar Saba!

Left: HaZamir Israel and HaZamir America Basses
Right: Sandy Sings a Solo at a Joint Rehearsal
HaZamir Israel and HaZamir America Alumni in Israel!
Trip highlights included reuniting with friends in HaZamir Kfar Saba and meeting our wonderful new chapter, HaZamir Beit She'an, climbing Masada at sunrise, meeting Israeli singer/songwriter Achinoam Nini, visiting an army base, singing at the grave of Hannah Senesh, spending two nights with HaZamir Kfar Saba singers and performing onstage at HaMishkan Le'Omanuyot!   
                                                         HaZamir America, HaZamir Kfar Saba, HaZamir Beit She'an and HaZamir Alumni from America and Israel Present the First International HaZamir Concert on an Israeli Stage
A Bittersweet Departure from "Home" to Home
CLICK HERE to watch a slideshow of the HaZamir Tour of Israel 
(created by Aaron Noriega of HaZamir Bergen County)
All of the music featured in the slideshow is a live recording of our concert in Ra'anana!
To Cantor 
Michael McCloskey (Conductor, HaZamir Boston
                                         and Dr. Ray Feller 
                            on the Birth of Their First-born Son 
                      Leonardo Penn McCloskey Feller
                           May He Always Bring you Great Joy!


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International HaZamir Celebrates 

5 HaZamir Kfar Saba Singers

the Largest Number of HaZamir Israel Singers Ever

Accepted into the

 Lehaka Tz'va'it (the IDF Entertainment Corp)


To Amir Ben Hur, Dor Kaminka, Gali Kellner,

Nurit Agami and Vivienne Cohen  

You've Made Us So Proud!
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