Message From The HaZamir Director
Hanukkah brought our HaZamir community many bright lights. Beyond the candles, our holiday was illuminated by the talents of our singers, conductors and alumni. Songs, clever virtual dreydl games, words of inspiration and unique musical presentations filled our homes with a joyful noise. How we needed this infusion of community celebration!

The introduction of a Covid-19 vaccine brings further comfort and although we are not ready to rock 'n roll yet, the realization that this pandemic will eventually end, is starting to firmly plant itself in our psyches.

As we end this very unusual and challenging year, we thank our HaZamir community - Singers, Teen Leaders, Conductors, Coordinators, Parents and Supporters - for your faith in us. We are grateful for the continued vibrancy of our HaZamir program and all that we have learned. It was easier to get through this year because we did it together!

We wish our entire HaZamir community a 2021 that restores us to our distanced families and friends and brings good health to all.

Stay masked - stay distanced - and stay safe!

With gratitude for all our blessings,
Meet Our HaZaStaff
HaZamir Teen Leadership Fellows
A Month Of Community & Celebration!
HaZamir Dimona Joins the HaZamir Family!
HaZamir welcomes its newest chapter, HaZamir Dimona, Israel, and its conductor, Roi Azoulay, to the HaZamir Family!

HaZamir International Hanukkah Candle Lighting Party
Who better to celebrate with than
Dr. Ruth
(top row in pink on the zoom screen)
who gave a special message to our international HaZaFamily
in English and Hebrew
at our
Hanukkah Candle Lighting and Party!
HaZamir Conductors Sing at HaZamir Party
An octet of HaZamir Conductors performed this traditional Italian melody for
Maoz Tzur
at the virtual International HaZamir Hanukkah Candle Lighting Party.

It's not only our HaZamir singers who have the talent!

National HaZaPrep Hanukkah Candle Lighting Party
The middle school singers of the HaZamir Preparatory Program (the first Jewish choral prep program in North America) from across the country, gathered for a Hanukkah celebration that included candle lighting, music, and a rousing game of virtual dreydl with Team Latke vs Team Sufganyiot.
Thank you to our HaZaPrep Madrichim for leading activities for all our Preppies!
HaZamir Alumni Light Up Eight Nights of Hanukkah!
HaZamir Alumni (spearheaded by the
HAPN leadership committee)
livestreamed 8 nights of Hanukkah candle lighting. Each lighting ended with a creative musical

HaZamir Alumni Sing Barbershop for Hanukkah
HaZamir Alumni, Josh Gonzalez ('17), Jonah Lazar ('12), Chris Mason ('12) and Samuel Rosner ('16) premiered an original arrangement of Ma'oz Tsur (Rock of Ages) by Dominick Finetti.
View the virtual quartet here:
HaZamir Alumni Sing Lewandowski's Haneros Halawlu
HaZamir alumni Sam Joffe ('18) Sophie Lee Landau ('11), Madeline Lemberg ('14), Dylan Oster ('18), Dena Kaye-Phillips ('10), Meribor Matasow ('18), Benjy Sokol ('18) and Micah Sapir ('11) produced this virtual choir which livestreamed on the 8th night of Hanukkah after the alumni candle lighting. Each night of Hanukkah brought more and more talent into our homes.

Watch the octet here:
HaZamir Chesed (Acts of Kindness)
Music Brings Comfort in Challenging Times
HaZamir Manhattan & HaZamir Brooklyn
Make Their Annual Visit to the Seniors of Dorot

The annual visit to the seniors of Dorot was made virtually this year. Thank you to HaZamir Manhattan and HaZamir Brooklyn for performing this annual act of chesed!
HaZamir Beit She'an Brought Cheer to a Senior Home

The Singers of HaZamir Beit She'an donned their masks and while socially distanced, sang for and with the seniors of this Senior Citizen home in Beit She'an.
Alumni Spotlight - Kelsey Bailey ('17)
HaZamir was my sole Jewish teen experience in high school and made me realize that there are so many ways to be Jewish. Because of this, I started college wanting to learn more about Judaism and Israel. I soon got involved in Jewish life on campus, and still am today. HaZamir is what made me proud of being Jewish, and what made me realize my purpose in life.

I've decided to combine my "Jewish" and my "Music" and become a cantor. I hope to one day inspire other young, Jewish singers to not only join HaZamir, but to get involved in it past a surface level.
I am so thankful to HaZamir for being the reason I discovered my passions for Judaism and music. I owe HaZamir so much, and hope to give back to the HaZamir community one day."
Upcoming Events
HaZamir Teen Leader "Shabbaton"
January 14, 15 & 16, 2021

January 17-18, 2021