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December 2019
President’s Blog
You raise me up, to more than I can be
Some of you may not be aware that Macomb Habitat is a Christian-based organization. During the Christmas season we ask ourselves what does this really mean?

Sometimes music tells the story better than we can. The popular singer, Josh Groban, in his song, You Raise Me Up , best illustrates the answer to this question.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary
When troubles come and my heart burdened me
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit a while with me

First and foremost, it means that we believe in the principles of Christianity and show them through our actions of providing community, homes and hope. Not only are we able to sit with our friends, but we hold their hands until they no longer need our assistance.

We do not mandate that the people we serve believe in the same things. Infact, we encourage men and women from all beliefs (or non-beliefs) to apply for our services. We choose to demonstrate the values of compassion, empathy and service to all who grace our doors. We raise them up to more than we can be.

Additionally, we honor other religions – always being respectful and curious. We welcome applicants who do not speak English, have different skin colors, and whose experiences may include trauma and journeys of hate.

The values of Christianity challenge us to be participants, - not onlookers. They nudge us to reach out and lift-up the senior living on a fixed income; the single mother whose situation might seem easy to judge; and the myriad of families whose culture may not be familiar.

Together, with an active and dedicated Board of Directors, a committed staff, thousands of volunteers and many loving donors – we help people get through the storms of their lives so they can achieve the American Dream.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up, to more than I can be

This holiday season, this Christian-based non-profit, will continue to live our mission. 
We hope you will join us regardless of your faith or differences. We proudly reach out to you and yours and wrap our arms and hearts around you saying “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwanza, and greetings of great joy!”

You are loved and appreciated.
Helen Hicks
Macomb County Habitat for Humanity Seeks A Miracle to Bring Two Families Home for Christmas!
This past summer, two Macomb County Habitat for Humanity homes were vandalized as they waited to be moved to two permanent lots in Clinton Township. This, coupled with countless setbacks, has caused Macomb County Habitat for Humanity to be in a precarious situation!
With only three weeks to go, Habitat has raised approximately $35,000 and needs $50,000 more to cover everything, pay the contractors who will not work until they receive payment, and bring the families home.
President and CEO, Helen Hicks, is deeply concerned.  “We have a contract to finish one of these homes by the end of the month or it may become a rental units into perpetuity. With so many unexpected cost overruns including having to totally gut the homes to the studs due to the vandalization that occurred by young teens from the neighborhood, we are now forced to reach out to the community and seek a miracle.”
While one of the homes is moving along nicely, Macomb Habitat needs dramatic help on the second home and time is not their friend.
Chief Operating Officer, Ericia Bartels, is seeking financial support or assistance with the following tasks:
  • Drywall – Supply and install all drywall
  • Plumbing – Supply and install all plumbing and finish rough in
  • Flatwork – driveway, sidewalks, shed pad
  • Grading – Finish grade to plot plan and haul away spoils
  • Structural Engineer -Certification required
Hicks is also equally concerned about the families who are waiting to purchase these homes as Habitat never gives away homes but provides a “hand up, not a handout.” She said,  “One of our families is living in the basement of a relative’s home with her little girl and the other is fighting off a landlord who wants her to sign a one-year lease to remain in the home. At this point, the only thing left to do is pray for a miracle.”
If you can help, contact Macomb Habitat at 586.263.1540 X 105 and ask for Ericia or make a miracle contribution and send it to Macomb Habitat, 34950 Little Mack, Clinton Township, MI 48035 or go to  www.macombhabitat.org .

God bless you.

Helen Hicks
President and CEO
Upcoming Events

Annual Women’s Luncheon
“Women Who Dared”
April 8, 2020
Shelby Gardens, Shelby Township
Ongoing Campaigns
Wish List
At Macomb County Habitat for Humanity, we are always accepting donations! Here are the top 5 items on our Wish List:
  1. Box truck in working condition - for our Cap department
  2. Qualified applicants to apply for our Homeownership Program
  3. Office and other supplies - tape, paper, file folders, highlighters, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, regular & contractor grade garbage bags.
  4. Packing and moving materials for the ReStores (no boxes) -packing tape, moving straps and blankets
  5. Other - Lightweight chain, Heavy duty stretch wrap, a working hi-lo and appliance dollies/straps, appliance straps at our ReStores
Cars for Homes
Donate a vehicle to Habitat for Humanity’s car donation program – Cars for Homes. Your generosity will support our work with local families.

  • All proceeds from your vehicle donation will support Habitat for Humanity and help local families here in Macomb County.

  • Your donation may qualify for a tax deduction.

It’s fast and easy. Learn more about how vehicle donations work just click: http://macombhabitat.org/donate/donate-a-car/
What is Community Rewards
Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy by donating to local organizations based on the shopping you do everyday. Once you link your card to an organization, all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
Smart Year-end Giving
Data shows that 30% of all online giving happens in the last three days of the year. Consider using our Donate button (LINK?) to help make dreams come true this year.
Considering a larger gift to Macomb Habitat? Consult your financial advisor for details, but there are great ways to make a smart gift that reduces your taxes, especially for securities that have risen in value in the stock market. Here is a Morningstar article to get you thinking.
Moving? Hosting a Garage Sale? Do you have anything left to donate?
Our ReStores are in need of your donations! Our inventory is in need of the following items: Christmas decorations before the holidays, bedroom sets, gently used appliances, lawn mowers, windows, bicycles, and home interiors (plates, cups, knick knacks, house plants, picture frames, decor, etc.). As a reminder we are always looking for slightly used donations in good condition that are located on the first floor or the garage of your home.   We provide  FREE  pick up in Macomb County and you will be provided with an itemized tax donation receipt!  Click here  to view a full list of items we can accept!
Donation Hotline: (586) 263-1540
We offer FREE pick up for Macomb County residents! Or drop off your donation at one of our convenient Macomb County locations.

Two ReStore locations:
46660 Van Dyke, Shelby Township
23211 Van Dyke, Warren

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Follow the ReStores on social media:
Here are a few reminders!
We are particularly interested in Christmas decorations before the holidays, and housewares such as dishes, silverware, and glasses. We are currently not able to accept desks, entertainment centers nor dishwashers. See our web site for a complete listing of items we cannot accept. 
Volunteer & Faith Relations
Be A Miracle Worker as a Volunteer in December
We are racing to complete two homes in Clinton Twp. by the end of December. One on LaCroix is well underway, but the second on Charles St. has been much delayed. Your time and energy for a day or half a day is critical. Go to the volunteer calendar at  macombhabitat.org  each week and see when you can help –  Tuesdays and Saturdays , plus other days if we can gather a few to help, 9 am to 4 pm, age 17 on up
Pic – LaCroix home .
Volunteer Teams in November
Several locations welcomed volunteers in November. A combined team from  American Lutheran and Lake Shore Church  worked on a rehab on Stepnitz in Clinton Twp. The new build on LaCroix saw teams from DTE; Covenant Church, Mt. Clemens; Flagstar Bank, and Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church, Warren (after they moved trusses on-site for the Faith Build in Roseville).
Pics = Stepnitz, Covenant Church, Apostolic Paint Team
Faith Build Rebooting for Spring
Contractor work has begun on Garfield St. in Roseville for the Faith Build sponsored by Thrivent Financial. Volunteer work by church groups will resume in March to finish up the home by mid-May. Stay tuned.
Pic – Apostolic with trusses
Faith Build Fundraising  
Thrivent Financial benefit members accrue “Thrivent Choice” dollars based on insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent volunteer leadership, which can be directed to churches, schools and other nonprofits - including Macomb County Habitat, of the donor’s choice. Eligible Thrivent Financial members who have available Choice Dollars® have until March 31, 2020, to direct them (otherwise, Thrivent decides where they go). Take a few minutes now so your donation can help families in 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to recommend that Thrivent Financial provide outreach funding to Macomb County Habitat for Humanity. Call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt. Every little bit helps! 78 cents of every $1 raised goes directly to our programming as we help families in need of a hand up!
Upcoming Opportunities
Go to the Volunteer Calendar at  macombhabitat.org  for Upcoming Opportunities.
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