A Note from Stan Geison, Executive Director
Many of you may have seen the Pantagraph article announcing my retirement from the position of Executive Director. The exact timing is a bit uncertain, as it will be dependent upon when the new Director is named and allowing for the new person and I to overlap in the job for a period of time to allow for training and transition. I certainly have some mixed feelings with an announcement of this magnitude and I wanted to add a bit from a more personal perspective. 

This is wonderful news for my wife Martha and me as we are looking forward to spending more time together, opportunities to travel, and a slower pace with fewer obligations. At the same time, neither of us are leaving Habitat completely behind. Martha has become a regular volunteer as part of Women Build. She loves this work and will continue to be a part of it. I will be returning to the Retired Crew, whom I was working with prior to becoming the Director. Staying involved is an easy decision to make because we love the work Habitat does. We enjoy getting to know the families who earn the opportunity to buy their home by completing the required “sweat equity” hours and the education and orientation meetings involved.   

Habitat’s impact is evident in the families who move into their homes. It is equally noticeable in the improvements felt in the neighborhoods with new Habitat homes replacing blighted properties that had reached the end of their useful life. Not as easily seen, but very important is the positive impact on the economics of our communities. In a 10 year period from 2005 to 2015, the Habitat homes accounted for local real estate taxes totaling over $900,000. As Everett Dirksen once said, “…a million here, a million there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” Our remodeled ReStore will be a real boom to the West Bloomington neighborhood and an incredible asset for Habitat’s future. Habitat is a wonderful organization that does a tremendous amount of good in our county. I will miss the tremendous staff with which I’ve had the pleasure to work, the supportive Boards of Directors, and the generous community that enables Habitat’s work through your gifts of treasure, time, and talent. 

My work here has been demanding, it’s been fun, and it has been amazingly rewarding! Thanks for everything.  


Homeowner Bradford pays off mortgage
We are sending a big Habitat congratulations to Beth Bradford. She has paid off her mortgage in full! Bradford's home was built in 1998 on Partner Place in Bloomington. In a 1997 letter to the Board of Directors with application attached, Bradford wrote:
"We have always wanted to live the American Dream of owning our own home...of having a home with enough room, with enough closet space, that is clean, and in a safe neighborhood. God has obviously chosen to offer this opportunity for my family through Habitat for Humanity of McLean County."

Over 20 years later, Bradford says this dream "absolutely" came true and exceeded her family's expectations. Now adults, her three children, Misty, Kristi, and Adam all grew up in the home. "Our home had a tremendous impact on my children," says Bradford. "They had stability, their own space, and a home that was safe." As she looks back on the Habitat journey, she strongly recalls the feeling of moving into her brand new home. It worked out that some of the patio was being poured a few days after they were moved in. The family stepped outside and made hand prints and wrote their names in the wet concrete. "Doing this really 'cemented' that this house was ours," joked Bradford. An added bonus for Bradford was the community around her, noting that she became lasting friends with her neighbors.

The Habitat Board and Staff are very proud of the Bradford family for all of their hard work partnering with us. To celebrate reaching this goal of paying off the mortgage, Bradford says she went out to dinner and a play. Congratulations!
The ReStore has new employees
The ReStore ReNewal construction project is gaining speed. To be ready for the increase in capacity, the ReStore has hired three new part time workers over the course of the last few months. All of these ladies are ReStore Associates, which means they help with general tasks but mostly run the register and help guests. Next time you are in the ReStore, say hello to Callie, Lindsey M, or Dawn.
Callie VanAnTwerp
Lindsey Mammen
Dawn Ruest
Volunteer receptionist positions open!
We are in need of volunteers to cover our front desk. In this role, volunteers answer the phones, greet guests, and help with filing. If you or someone you know has free time during the week, we are looking to fill the following shifts:
Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon
Thursdays 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Fridays 9 a.m. to Noon
Fridays 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (every other week)

Contact Lindsey at 309-827-3931 for more information.
Curious about the ReStore customer satisfaction survey?
Construction Progress at the ReStore