Pictured above: Habitat's newest Homeowners: Tashae Anderson (left) and Jeronda Jackson (right) speaking at the 12th St. Dedication Ceremony, Saturday July 17, 2021
Habitat Partner Family Newsletter Fall 2021
The Habitat Homeowner Council launched in Fall 2019 with a mission to enhance how Habitat works with families at every stage of the Habitat program. Please take time to view the 2021 Homeowner Council Impact Report, which includes a list of current Habitat Homeowner Council members. Please join us in thanking these Homeowners for their service and support in strengthening Habitat Charlottesville!

The 2021-2022 Homeowner Council is co-chaired by Jasmin Fuentes and Phyllis Meredith. Harold Folley and Shymora Cooper were the 2020-2021 chairs of the Homeowner Council.

"I hope we are making a difference, being supportive, and providing information that is useful. If we don't have the answer we can put you in touch with people who can assist you." -- Phyllis Meredith, Co-Chair

The Homeowner Council has worked primarily on three projects/resources to support Habitat Homeowners. 

  • List of low-cost, high-quality repair services recommended by Habitat Homeowners. Have someone to add? Email Larry at lscott@cvillehabitat.org

  • Video links to do-it-yourself repairs at home recommended by Habitat Homeowners

  • In-process, a tool library to borrow tools you’re unable to store at home. This is an initiative supported by the Habitat Homeowner Council. Open date TBD. 

Please take a look at the Partner Family Resources webpage for additional resources and join the Habitat Homeowner or Habitat Homebuyer Facebook groups to stay connected. 
Deborah Tyler purchased her home in 2015 just blocks away from Downtown Charlottesville. Deborah has remained connected with Habitat serving on the Homeowner Council and stopping by the office to encourage staff and share her gratitude. Please read Deborah Tyler’s note of encouragement specifically for partner families.
Are you or your friends and family behind on bills due to COVID-19? Please contact the Habitat Office to get support in identifying financial resources.

Contact Garrett Trent, gtrent@cvillehabitat.org, or call the office at 434-293-9066.

Take a look at the United Way Emergency Resources page for additional information.
Plans are underway right now to redesign the Buford and Walker Schools (check out the video). Habitat Homeowner, Shymora Cooper, is a peer engager for the school redesign and helping to get the word out so that you can have a say in the design process. Please visit the project website for more information on how to get involved!
Visit the following websites for up to date information you can trust:

Need a FREE flu shot voucher, contact Habitat, 434-293-9066 to pick one up or have it mailed!