Pressing Forward, Opening Up
As the school year winds to a close, we continue seeing social restrictions lift, vaccines are widely available to the public, and we are excited for the reopening of our counties. Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay is grateful for our volunteers, donors, and supporters. It's amazing to see neighbors helping neighbors to achieve stable housing for themselves, their families, and their community.

We are quickly approaching the end of our fiscal year and the completion of our first two homes in Rodeo Creek Court. The two families who will be purchasing their homes and moving in this summer are hard at work on their volunteer sweat equity, taking financial readiness courses, and preparing for this momentous change in their lives. It is because of supporters like you that they are able to take this life-changing step!

We are also looking forward to our Santa Cruz county ReStore’s move to a new location in Watsonville. Stay tuned for more about that in the coming weeks, and we hope to see you there soon!

-Teresa Delfino, Director of Finance and HR
Rodeo Creek Court Update
Check out this short video of our office staff on the job site helping to frame and build the second two units at Rodeo Creek Court. The flooring and baseboards are going in at the first two units, and we expect those to be complete in the next month or so. The second two units are being framed and will get roofing and siding next. We are very excited to have the support from our donors, volunteers, and in-kind vendors who have kept this project moving along smoothly! To make a gift to support the Rodeo Creek Court development, click the button below.
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) provide a unique opportunity for assisting homeowners with needed income, and providing new affordable housing rental units. Habitat has two programs for building ADUs. Check out which one might be right for you or someone you know!

  1. Habitat ADU Program
  2. For Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties
  3. Aims to help low-income homeowners build an ADU on their property in order to stay in their home
  4. An ADU is built or renovated, and rented to a low-income household, providing income to the homeowner
  5. My House My Home Program
  6. For Santa Cruz City or County only
  7. Aims to help low-income seniors (62+) keep their property and age in place
  8. An ADU is built or renovated, and rented to a low-income household, providing income
  9. Habitat can also provide some repairs to the main home to make it more accessible

To learn more about this program, visit our ADU webpage below.
Volunteer Story
You've likely seen Chris' writing and public relations skills at work in our recent articles, blog posts, and events. We are extremely lucky to have talented volunteers like Chris who offer their time and expertise to help us in a variety of ways.

If you'd like to volunteer at one of our ReStores, construction site, or doing remote administrative work, please visit our volunteer site at the button below.
Thank you to our FY21 sponsors and donors!
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