Habitat Welcomes 
Veterans Build Homeowner

Habitat's Veterans Build program is pleased to welcome Ayanah Gaines as our future homeowner for Habitat's 60th house build in Houston County .  

"I am excited about the opportunity to be considered for a new home as a veteran applicant. I have served our beautiful country for a total of almost 18 years to date. Presently, I am in the Army Reserves and a single mother of three awesome children ; Antoine (15), Ayanah (14), and Peyden (8 )," says Ayanah.

Struggling with tarsal tunnel in both feet, non-traumatic compartment syndrome in both legs, and radiculopathy in the spine, this hard-working mom commutes two hours a day to work to provide for her family.  In addition, she is a senior online student in pursuit of a bachelors degree in Special Education.  

Paying exorbitant rent and living in a deteriorating and unsafe home is what brings this family to Habitat.

Ayanah enjoys gardening and loves beautifying the exterior of her home. "Living in a rental, I prayed to God and believed that one day I would own a home in which I can bring stability to my children and be able to plant my favorite Lantanas without any fear of uprooting them."

When asked what inspirational word she has chosen to christen her future Habitat home, she simply  replied "Faith."  Please help Habitat give a hearty welcome to this hard-working veteran.   Learn more how you can get involved with this build and others.

"A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. We all seem to know this deep down. You can pull a plant up out of the soil, pour all the water in the world on it, give it plenty of sunlit, and it will eventually die because it is not rooted. A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that. If a family is not rooted it wil l not flourish. It will not grow...will not blossom. But once a family is well-rooted, all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen." - Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity
 Lantana definition is - any of a genus (Lantana) of tropical shrubs or perennial herbs of the vervain family with showy heads of small bright flowers.  
Home Dedication Ceremony, Saturday, May 18th
Home Dedication Ceremony

Congratulations to Milton Brown!  His home dedication has been set and we hope you can join us for this special celebration. 

When:    Saturday, May 18, 2019
Time:      2:00 PM
Where:  Old Mission Way
                Warner Robins
               (Wellston Villas neighborhood)

Learn more about this new homeowner
Golf Tournament News
Habitat's 18th Annual Golf Charity Tournament surpasses its $30,000 goal

Habitat's 18th Annual Golf Charity Tournament passed its goal of $30,000 to help further Habitat's affordable housing building ministry.  The April 26 event predicted stormy weather for the day, but miraculously the dark clouds rolled back and it turned out be a sunny day enabling golfers to enjoy reconnecting with old friends, meet new faces and most importantly help build a brighter future for Houston County families in need. 

Habitat thanks all our sponsors and donors who make this day possible.  We especially give thanks to our Title Sponsor Parrish Construction and Construction Diamond Sponsor Integra Rehabilitation for making it a huge success! 

On behalf of the families we serve, our  board, staff, and community stakeholders, we offer our heartfelt gratitude!


Homeowner Spotlight

Special word of thanks from Teresa Ingram, Habitat homeowner #51

I must say life for me and my family has been great and such a blessing to have become homeowners of our first home through Habitat for Humanity. As a parent to see my sons and daughter get the same opportunity as the next person to have goals and dreams that once became a true reality for them has been amazing. I became a habitat homeowner when my oldest son was 15, middle son 11, and my youngest daughter was 7 at the time. I became married a year later; all glory goes to God for making my family complete again. 

Our home, the house of Hope, truly gave us all hope again to love, trust, and commit to one another and be the shoulders to stand on during tough seasons. The love our community showed us through friendship and building positive relationships has inspired my son to give back to the community and show love and compassion towards others now he is a firefighter. My middle son wants to become an FBI agent.  My baby girl is in 5th and she would love to be a teacher one day. So again, I say thank you for all the love and support shown to our family.

It was only four years ago when Teresa and her children placed their mark in the world and began their journey to home-ownership and a brighter future. Habitat is truly happy for the Ingram family and wish them continued success! 
One of our greatest needs for Houston County Habitat is a reliable stream of support over the course of the year. No amount is too small, but is critical to helping more families find strength, stability and self-reliance through decent and affordable shelter.  

House #51 (Hope), Perry, GA
Hey, you're looking snazzy there Buddy!

Prom and graduation season is upon us and we're proud to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of our Habitat families.  

Pictured here is Buddy Parks, Jr.  He attended Junior prom this year for Warner Robins High School.  It is a day to honor friendship, cherish memories, celebrate history, and enjoy the fun and excitement this milestone event brings.

Buddy aspires to study theology so he can share the good news of Jesus when he graduates high school.  He then plans to be a pastor.  

This is a special time in every teen's life, a time that's not only filled with fashion, friendship and fun but where safety, peer pressure and insecurity can sometimes go along with it. That's why building a community that encourages confidence, empowerment, individuality and inner beauty is so important as we celebrate the young adults of our Habitat families.  

Surveys of families with safe, stable and affordable housing show fewer health problems, improved school performance, less psychological stress and more self-assured parents. Wherever Habitat for Humanity works, strong and secure homes contribute to strong and secure families.

Congratulations Buddy and keep up the good work!
Special Events
2nd Annual Poker Run

Mark your calendars for September 7th!

Come support the Green Knights 2nd Annual Poker Run as they raise money to help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a local Veteran.

Registration:     09:30 am
Kick-stand Up: 10:30 am
Last Bike In:      2:00 pm

Live Music, 50/50 Raffle, Prizes,  Food & Drinks

F or more information on this event and sponsorship opportunities contact the Green Knights MMC at GKSCH90ROBINS@GMAIL.COM
 or contact Habitat for Humanity, (478) 328-3388 .
Houston County Habitat for Humanity has been an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International since 1991.  We partner with families and veterans in Houston County, Georgia to build decent affordable homes, which they purchase through a no-interest mortgage.  Since 1991, we have built 60 homes and 200+ repair projects.  For more information about Houston County Habitat or to donate and/or volunteer, visit www.hocohabitat.org.