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Step into your garden with Habitats
What makes an entrance to your garden memorable? Sandy and Andy Wood of Habitats Environmental Services, have mastered the "art of the lure" and the key to creating pathways that make you pick up your pace in anticipation of what's ahead, or slow your approach to appreciate the details. Learn more about the Woods and their 30-plus years of environmental stewardship below (including Andy's cherished book and Sandy's latest award).

Sign up to Build Your Own Pathway at our June 2nd D-I-Y class.
Habitats has been " creating more than just gardens since 1992" . With an emphasis on designing sustainable ecosystems to attract birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife, Sandy and Andy's projects embody the opposite of Mow, Blow, and Go landscaping. To learn more about their company and life's work, check out this Star News article, Conservation landscaping saves resources, creates unique spaces. You can also appreciate their sense of humor by visiting the Swamp Thing on Andy's Instagram page, champion_of_the_green.
For more information, contact habitats@ymail.com.

An unforgettable voice for the environment
If you listened to WHQR public radio anytime between 2009 and 2015, you are no doubt familiar with the voice behind the commentaries by naturalist, Andy Wood. These are colorfully described in Encore's April 24th article by Gwenyfar Rohler as " genius short essays that made the life of the frogs in summer or the efforts of a spider spinning a web come alive. " She describes Andy as someone who " could make all the drama and majesty happening around us in the natural world feel like something we understood and could connect to rather than walk over . " Read the article and order the book to gain a glimpse of Andy's genius.
Tree Commission Awards
Sandy Wood has just been announced as a recipient of the 2018 Wilmington Tree Commission Awards for her landscape design work at The Pines II on Sir Tyler Drive (across from Mayfaire). She created a "mini arboretum" for CastleBranch - Tek Mountain that included no irrigation systems, no pesticide use, and many native plants. Go take a stroll and see how commercial landscape design and maintenance can be done right (and save big on water).
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Stepping Stones & Pathways
Saturday, June 2nd
Join us at Stone Garden on Saturday, June 2nd, from 10 to 11 am for a free class. Instructor, Ryan Shaw, will demonstrate how to build your own pathway.

  RSVP now as space is limited.  
Disappearing Fountains
June class date - coming soon
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Visit us at 5726 Market Street in Wilmington (next to the Toyota dealership at Eastwood Road/MLK and Market Street). Check out our Making Dreams Happen video and visit our Inspiration Garden. 

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