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Monday, November 23, 2020


Cloud Security Punch-Out!
Watch as Orca Security goes head-to-head against heavyweight players like Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Qualys, and more.

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Choosing the Right Threat Intelligence Mix
Knowing that threat intelligence is readily available and proving its worth is one thing, understanding how to use it within your security operations program is quite another.
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by AJ Nash

5G Security Risk vs. Reward
To reap the benefits of 5G and ensure security, organizations must be smarter, fully educated and willing to work alongside the tech.
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by Laurence Pitt

The Term "Threat Intelligence" is Poisoned. It Does Not Mean What You Think it Means.
When intelligence becomes a capability and not just subscriptions to feeds, we can gain the full value of intelligence as the foundation to security operations.
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by Marc Solomon

Security-Driven Networking Will Drive the Future of Digital Innovation
SD-WAN connections are designed to constantly shift and adjust, replacing one connection that has become unstable with another without interrupting application performance.
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by John Maddison

Securing Data-in-Use With Confidential Computing
It is reasonable to assume that within five years the term “confidential compute” will become superfluous and an assumed native component of all cloud services.
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by Gunter Ollmann

Three Critical Threats on the Horizon You Need to Prepare For
Today’s dynamic threatscape requires security professionals to adjust to an ever-expanding attack surface.
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by Torsten George

What Does Bad Advice Look Like?
I have noticed some common threads that run through both good and bad advice, particularly in the security field.
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by Joshua Goldfarb

Back to Basics: Pandemic Cybersecurity Trends and Solutions
It’s amazing how foundational security principles, consistently implemented, can help defeat the craftiest attack vector.
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by Derek Manky


Cloud Security Punch-Out!

Watch as Orca Security goes head-to-head against heavyweight players like Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Qualys, and more.

Watch Now

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Hackers Show Tesla Model X Can Be Stolen in Minutes: Researchers have demonstrated that a Tesla Model X can be stolen in minutes via an attack targeting the keyless entry system. Read More

TikTok Awards Nearly $4,000 for Account Takeover Vulnerabilities: A researcher received nearly $4,000 from TikTok after discovering a couple of vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to hijack accounts. Read More

Two Romanians Arrested for Running Malware Encryption Services: Two Romanians suspected of running services for encrypting malware and testing it against antivirus engines were arrested last week. Read More

Attack on Vendor Affects Website of Arizona Court System: A internet interruption resulting from a ransomware attack on a hosting provider has limited functionality of the Arizona state court system’s webpage for most of this week, according to the vendor and court officials. Read More

New 'LidarPhone' Attack Uses Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Eavesdropping: A group of academic researchers has devised a new eavesdropping attack that leverages the lidar sensors present in commodity robot vacuum cleaners. Read More

Canada PM Refuses to Commit to Huawei 5G Decision Timetable: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- under pressure from the opposition to ban Huawei from the country's 5G networks -- refused to say Tuesday when he might make his decision, or if it would come before year's end. Read More

Subdomain of Official Joe Biden Campaign Website Defaced by Turkish Hacker: A Turkish hacktivist has managed to deface a subdomain of the official Joe Biden campaign website. Read More

Hackers Target Manchester United: Club: Cybercriminals targeted Manchester United's IT systems in a "sophisticated" hacking operation, the club said. Read More

Trend Micro Releases Free Tool to Tackle Misinformation: Cybersecurity solutions provider Trend Micro this week announced the release of a free tool designed to help users boost their privacy online and fight misinformation. Read More

Facebook Paid Out $11.7 Million in Bug Bounties Since 2011: Social media giant Facebook this week announced that it has paid out more than $11.7 million in bug bounties since 2011. Read More

Major Power Outage in India Possibly Caused by Hackers: Reports: A major power outage that occurred in October in Mumbai, India’s largest city, may have been caused by hackers. Read More

Industry Reactions to Trump Firing CISA Director Chris Krebs: Feedback Friday: Industry reactions to President Donald Trump firing CISA Director Christopher Krebs after he refuted claims of electoral fraud and vouched for the election. Read More

Hacker Closing Out Prison Sentence in Chicago Halfway House: Computer hacker Jeremy Hammond, who is serving a 10-year prison sentence for breaking into computer systems of security firms and law-enforcement agencies, will serve out the remainder of his term in a Chicago halfway house. Read More

GO SMS Pro Exposes Messages of Millions of Users: Popular messaging application GO SMS Pro is exposing the audio, video, and photo messages of its users. Read More

VMware Patches Vulnerabilities Exploited at Chinese Hacking Contest: VMware has released patches for a couple of serious ESXi vulnerabilities that were demonstrated at a recent hacking contest in China and which earned researchers $180,000. Read More

Facebook Pays $60,000 for Vulnerability in Messenger for Android: Facebook this week addressed a vulnerability in Facebook Messenger for Android that could have allowed an attacker to spy on users. Read More

Apple to Press Ahead on Mobile Privacy, Despite Facebook Protests: Apple confirmed Thursday it would press ahead with mobile software changes that limit tracking for targeted advertising -- a move that has prompted complaints from Facebook and others. Read More

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