Hacking: Good, Evil, or Both?

Hacking is a word that's thrown around a lot these days to describe almost any mischievous or sinister attempt to get into things or places where one shouldn't be. However, as electronics hobbyists, much of what we do is also considered hacking. Generally, hacking is perceived as something negative, but much of the innovation that comes out of the hobbyist community started with a "hack" of some sort.
When you hear the word hack or hacker, does your mind first associate it with something good or bad? What hacks have you made as a hobbyist that have helped a situation? Are you or have you been on the dark side of the hacking fence? If so, do you have a different take?
Is it time for a new word to describe good vs. bad hacking? Or is hacking neither good nor bad?

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Adjustable Electronic Load Using Incandescent Lamps

To properly test a power supply, an adjustable load is just the ticket. See how I saved some of my light bulbs from extinction by using them as visual indicators in this adjustable electronic load. 
Newhaven Display 4.3_ Arduino Shields
For effortless touch development

Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino Shields include a capacitive or resistive touchscreen and a 480x272 resolution display classified as a sunlight-readable, premium or standard TFT. Available in six models, these shields easily connect with some of Arduino's more classic development boards, providing a simple compact solution for developing with touch TFTs.


Newwhaven Display
Breaking the Arduino Speed Limit _ Part 2

Continuing on from our previous article, we'll find a solution to the clock glitches, add a serial LCD screen to free more pins, and introduce an eight-bit fast ADC. Then, put it all together to make an even nicer digital storage oscilloscope.   
At an antique telephone show, I met a collector with a telephone ringer powered by (4) four AA cells. I asked if he had a circuit, to which he said "in my head"...
If You Bought an Electrolytic or Film Capacitor Directly From Certain Distributors Since 2002 You Could Get Money From Settlements Totaling Approximately $15 Million

Capacitors Indirect Case
NEC TOKIN, Okaya Electric Industries, and Nitsuko have agreed to Settlements resolving claims that they allegedly fixed the price of Capacitors. This may have caused individuals and businesses to pay more for Capacitors. To receive information about the claims process or future settlements, register at www.capacitorsindirectcase.com.

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I have a power transformer with the following specifications: 24VCT (12 - 0 - 12) 10A. If the center-tap terminal is not used - and we use it as a 24V transformer - then will...   
Meet the ESP8266

It's not often that a new piece of hardware immediately captures the attention of the builder community. The ESP8266 is a good example at only about the size of a nickel, with a powerful 32-bit microcontroller and Wi-Fi interface, plus you can buy it for around $4.   
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Silent Sensors

Ferroelectric capacitors can help take the mystery out of event detection, and save the results to report on them later.    
Robots - The Ultimate Electronics Application!

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3D Printable Tractor Beam

Sure, it would be great to have a USS Enterprise-style tractor beam so you could drag alien spaceships out of the sky or even pull your Jeep out of the mud. But for any practical frequencies, the size of trappable objects is limited to a few millimeters.

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A Night At The Opera_

Over the years, many of us have been tempted (or hounded, in the case of Google Chrome) into trying a browser other than the one we're used to. Recently, the folks at Oslo-based Opera AS introduced the Neon browser, which seems to be worth a try.

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Book Pick Of The Week
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Electronics For Kids
Electronics for Kids
Play with simple circuits and experiment with electricity!

This book is probably one of the best we've seen to get kids interested. Lots of colorful pictures and illustrations, and written at just the right level. (Even us older folks can enjoy it!) If you were looking for a way to mentor your kids, grand kids, neighbor kids, school kids, even kids at heart, well... this is it!

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