Do you need more time?
Do you want more money for your bottom line?
Do you want employees who are happy, engaged, and doing their best work?
Join us for a free seminar on LEAN PROCESSES
This is not just for manufacturers!
EVERY business can benefit from lean principles.
Thursday, March 7
8:00-9:30am at the Corona Chamber
Lean isn't just graphs and tools; it's a mindset of continuous improvement and respect for people. It is a belief that everything can improve, daily. The key to Lean is to develop yourself and your people so you see waste and opportunity in everything and are able cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

Learn how, through very simple changes, you can develop your people and business to be exciting, innovative, efficient, incredibly profitable, and exponentially rewarding. Lean results are undeniably amazing.

Phenix Technology, Inc. is a 46-year-old company that saw profits increase 1650%, while sales increased substantially and staff increased by over 100% after implementing Lean principles. All of this happened in less than two years.
Angel Sanchez
Phenix Technology, Inc.
Corona Chamber of Commerce | (951) 737-3350