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Learn about our most recent technology certification with Cloudera, hear about our time at MSPWorld and SAP TechEd, and receive some great cyber security tips from our friends at Symmetry.    
Centerity Announces Certification on Cloudera Enterprise! 

Providing Service Assurance Platforms 
for  Hadoop Environments

We're certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5 and that have joined the Cloudera Connect Partner Program as an ISV Technology Partner.  The consolidated views that Centerity provides of the application, big data, and infrastructure layers, allow Apache Hadoop users to experience greater operational satisfaction and higher ROI with a lower TCO for their Hadoop investments.
MSPWorld -  Las Vegas 
Oct. 19-20, 2015
Powering the Future of Managed & 
Cloud Industry

Centerity had the opportunity to attend MSPWorldâ„¢ which is one of the most respected managed services and cloud computing conferences in the world  that MSP Alliance puts on every year.  Mature MSPs, startups, investors, members of the press and the analyst community all attended.  Some of the most interesting panels discussed cyber crime and
 network security.  Selected speakers and panelists include Jeffery D. Watkins, Manager, Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Communications, National Security Agency, and  Brent Watkins, Special Agent, Federal Bureau  of Investigation.

Centerity's MSP Solutions 

Centerity itself helps Managed Services Providers to deliver the highest quality of networks and IT monitoring to their end customers. We offer more than just a basic monitoring platform, it's an Enterprise Class platform that provides the most professional monitoring capabilities and most advanced modules including Business Service Management, User-Experience, Real-Time customized maps and much more! 

Cyber Security Tip of The Month  - Presented by Symmetry
"The Dangers of Stolen Portable Devices  and the  Security Threats  that Lurk Beneath"
  • Treat your portable devices as you would a wallet. You wouldn't leave your wallet out in the open in the passenger seat of a car would you? So leave your devices (like a laptop) in the trunk of your car or somewhere out-of-sight. 
  • Only 3% of devices are ever recovered, so make sure to use whatever company wide storage is available to you. Those of you who are recent college grads will understand this as the "I forgot to save" excuse. No one likes having to rewrite everything so make sure to store your work somewhere secure.


How confident are you that your IT is secure? Learn how to not get hacked with our partner Symmetry Corp.'s FREE  Cyber Security Webinar on December 10th.
SAP TechEd. - Las Vegas Oct. 19-23, 2015
As usual, this was a great event to attend!
One of the hot topics was SAP HANA Vora which is an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop. This in-memory query engine runs on the Apache Spark framework that uses the power of in-memory to analyze Big Data stored in Hadoop and simplifies Big Data ownership by combining SAP HANA and Hadoop data in one landscape.  Vora marries Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark with the original SAP   HANA with sources like SAP   BW,   Business Objects  and ERP.  Net ITbrings BI-style drill-down analysis into the Big Data world.

HANA Vora is based on the combination of   Apache Spark  and   Hadoop  2.0/ YARN then connects to the original SAP HANA.  It also layers in   Spark SQL  enhancements to handle hierarchical queries and adds query facility comparable to what relational databases and data warehouses have had for some time.  Vora federates data lakes with enterprise systems of record and does so without incurring the costs of data movement.

SAP HANA & Centerity
Did you know that Centerity Systems is the first predictive BSM (Business Service Manager) 
per SAP Co-Innovation Labs?
Technical cooperation between SAP Co-Innovation Labs in Israel and Centerity brought a holistic BSM monitoring capability to the entire SAP environment.
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