2018 Issue 4 | July August
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2018 Issue 4
Hadassah North Carolina Advocates in Action!
Hadassah Leadership Fellow and Hadassah CLT Past-President Patricia Johnson shares her experience at this year's Women's Health & Advocacy Conference...
Henrietta Szold once said about Emma Lazarus (a poet famous for her quote famously etched in the Statue of Liberty) “With her own hand she has sown the seeds that shall transform her grave into a garden”. This is the sentiment with which hundreds of Hadassah members, supporters and leaders descended into DC as advocates.

We united by the commitment to empowering women, to Israel, to health and women's health equity -- and to advocacy in our United States of America. There could not be a better time in our country to focus on advocacy. I’m proud and grateful to Hadassah for enabling and empowering its members to stand up and act!

Hadassah NC constitutes Patricia Johnson (Charlotte), Aliza Bricklin (Raleigh), Sandra Goldman (Charlotte), Arlene Henza (Greensboro), Lois Miller (Winston-Salem) met with representatives from the offices of Senator Thom Tillis, Rep. Ted Budd and Robert Pettinger during the conference's Day on the Hill. 250 Hadassah Members and Associates met with policymakers from over 80 congressional offices to promote women's health equity, Holocaust education, gun safety, a strong US-Israel relationship, and more.

Make sure your legislators know where you stand on priority Hadassah issues, including a strong US-Israel relationship and women's health equity! Meet face to face with federal policymakers—in your own community—to advocate for issues that matter to us, as Zionists and American women.

Make your voices heard! Visit Hadassah’s advocacy center or reach out to  advocacy@hadassah.org  with all questions.

For more highlights from Women's Health & Advocacy Conference visit our national conference highlights age here !
Arlene Henza (Greensboro), Sandra Goldman ( Area VP/Advisor of Southern Seabord Region & Immediate Past-President of Charlotte), Aliza Bricklin ( Executive VP of Southern Seabord Region, Raleigh), Patricia Johnson (Charlotte) & Lois Miller (Winston-Salem) getting ready for their day on Capitol Hill.
Hadassah NC Constituents on the Move!
Celebrate the TaTas
Celebrate the TaTas 2018 is Better Than Ever!

For the 7th year, Hadassah bares all for breast cancer awareness, research & treatment. The Celebrate the TaTas series of events, is a one-of-a-kind celebration of life honoring and demonstrating the strength of breast and ovarian cancer survivors. Our community is familiar with this amazing program and this year we have an exciting new twist! 

Meet Our TaTas Chairs

TaTas Sponsorships
Bleema Bershad - I joined the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah in 2017, so last year was my first Celebrate the TaTas experience. Working on the planning committee was the perfect way for me to not only make new friends with many common interests, but also to support a very important cause.

Painting Days and the Novant Health Mobile Mammography Unit (Which will be at Shalom Park on October 22nd.) included more women than ever before and our luncheon was a sold-out fundraising success. Last year was a Little Reveal year and I’m excited that 2018 is a Big Reveal year, meaning that instead of a luncheon we will have a more elaborate evening event.
In addition, we’ll be throwing a very fun party at Queen Park Social for our Big Reveal which will include three speakers who will share their powerful personal perspectives on the importance of this cause. We’ve already started our fundraising by selling a unique charm necklace which was designed for Celebrate the TaTas.

Sponsorships are still available and we’d like to thank those who have joined us already as well as our silent auction donors. For list of our sponsors visit our website www.celebratethetatas.com. We'll have a full list of our sponsors and silent auction donors in our Sept-Oct Celebrate the TaTas themed Hadassah Highlights!

Painting Days – Sept. 16-17
Dru D ougherty – Painting Days are the heart and soul of Celebrate the TaTas. Women ages 21-121 are invited to have their TaTas painted by volunteer artists. Sharing the most private and painful aspects of their fight, survivors and supporters reveal themselves in full- torso body paintings that are photographed and placed onto beautiful canvases.

I am excited to be involved with Painting Days again this year. I loved seeing the camaraderie that was shared by the participants and artists. Painting appointments can be reserved online at the Celebrate the TaTas website. We look forward to sharing this special experience with you. 

Tournament of Champions – October 6-7
Talia Goldman - The TaTas Tournament of Champions is an annual premier all-women's soccer tournament that raises funds for breast cancer research. Since our tournament began in 2014, we have raised nearly $25,000 to donate for breast cancer research. Help us reach our 2018 GOAL of adding $10,000 to that total! Go to www.celebratethetatas.com to donate.

Big Reveal – October 24 at Queen Park Social
Debra Van Glish - I was approached by Dana Kapustin, President of the Charlotte Chapter to co-chair the event. I was certain that I could handle the planning and execution of the event, but I wanted to make sure that Hadassah was open to a different type of event than years past. 

My heart was in the organization and the reason for the fundraiser, but I just didn't feel the formal, high ticket cost was the way to go for me. I'm glad that Dana and the board, along with Shelly, have agreed to celebrate the organization by having the event at Queen Park Social. The event will be lively, casual and hopefully bring in a new crowd eager to try something different than years past. 

I'm happy to work with all the members of the committee and love the passion that so many have for this organization. Breast cancer is part of my life and will always be front and center when it comes to giving of my time and money.

Shelly Steiner - I’m thrilled to be part of the TaTas team this year. Debra, myself, and the hard-working committee are dedicated to making this year’s Big Reveal a lively event, that will bring together people from the Charlotte community, for an amazing cause. This year my talented sister in law, jewelry designer, Allison Moses, crafted some beautiful necklaces to add to our fundraiser. In her words:

Made for some special ladies in North Carolina to help raise money for breast cancer research. This burst necklace is engraved with a choice of three different words: WARRIOR, GRATEFUL or COURAGE with a sunburst in the back (can be worn to display the side of your choice). This delicate gold disc can be worn long and layered with your favorite necklaces. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Hadassah Medical Organization for breast cancer research”

Celebrate the TaTas raises funds for breast and ovarian cancer and genetic research programs at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem and breast and ovarian cancer awareness, research, and treatment in the U.S. For more information www.celebratethetatas.com and for questions about volunteering or sponsorship email: celebratethetatas2018@gmail.com .
Upcoming Events
An Afternoon with Linda Pressman:
Author, Pop Culture Blogger & 
Second Generation Survivor 

Sunday August 26th
Noon- 2pm

$54 includes speaker, signed book and lunch. Click  here  to purchase ticket.   Questions: contact Roz Cooper at 704-904-0625 or 
Lynda White at  jwassoc@sprynet.com
Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie
A story of growing up with parents who have survived the unsurvivable, who land in Skokie, an idyllic northern suburb of Chicago, where they're suddenly free to live their lives, but find the past has arrived with them. 

Praise for Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie 

"...funny, wacky, and heartbreaking...a story offering a unique perspective on the Holocaust, one generation removed from the war." - Cindy Sher, Editor, JUF News, and Writer, OY!Chicago 

"Humor and tragedy blend seamlessly in this memoir of childhood upbringing and family trauma... A memoir whose heart pays considerable homage to its subjects." - Kirkus Reviews 

"...A book about Holocaust survivors, yes, but it's also a coming-of-age story, a personal recounting of what it's like to live in a large family and the dynamics of the relationships within it." - Mike Isaacs, the Skokie Review, a Chicago 
Sun-Times Publication
Kveller - noun `k'vell-er
Kveller.com  is a website for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting. For many of us, this is no simple matter. Linda Pressman shares hilarious stories as a writer and contributor to Kveller.com.
Linda Pressman
Linda Pressman is a freelance writer, editor, and author of Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie, which was awarded the grand prize in the Writer's Digest 20th Annual Book Contest and which is permanently housed in the collections at Yad Vashem, the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the National Library of Israel. Besides being a frequent contributor to Kveller.com, her freelance work has also appeared in Sand Hills Magazine, Brain Child Magazine, Motherwell Magazine, Six Hens, and the Phoenix Jewish News. A lifetime member of Hadassah, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she is working on a second memoir.
White House | Black Market
July 22nd 10am to 12pm
Blakeney Shopping Center

Hadassah is hosting a private summer style party at White House | Black Market for our members as a fun way to spend a Sunday morning with your friends.

White House | Black Market sells exclusively designed, private branded clothing for women offering a uniquely feminine and affordable alternative to designer fashion. WH|BM offers fashionable and sophisticated clothing and accessory items, from everyday basics, to wear-to-work, to elegant fashion, primarily in black and white and related shades with seasonal color splashes.

Attendees will receive a 10% discount off their total in-store purchase and if you are a first-time customer at WH|BM you will receive an additional 10% discount. There will be complimentary refreshments and noshes. Additionally , staff will be able to pull items in advance so have a look on their website and let us know the the items you are interested along with your size when you RSVP .

Please RSVP to Laurie Sheinhaus by July 16th (Email- laushein@gmail.com
Cell- 704.763.4227). Also, don't forget to let Laurie know what size you are and if you are shopping for any particular occasion so the staff at WHBM can be ready for us.
Sun City Carolina Lakes

After having a great year, with fun and interesting programs and another great game day, we will be taking the summer months of July and August off. 

In the meantime we will be planning our upcoming year starting in September with our annual High Holiday tasting and recipe swap. Food and holiday memories are always a wonderful way to restart our Sun City Carolina Lake Hadassah year.
-Debby Rosenberger

For info about Hadassah Sun City , please contact:  nanadebby@gmail.com
We Got The Power

Are you someone who is interested in joining or becoming more active in Hadassah? The theme for 2018 is "We've got the Power." So true!

Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. We have a great year of events for 2018, and welcome you to join us.

For more details about joining Hadassah please contact Membership Chairs Amy DeLoach at Amybdeloach@gmail.com or 910.617.1264 or Laurie Sheinhaus at laushein@gmail.com   or 704.763.4227
New Hadassah National Director of Development for The South
Diana Warth Shares Her Hadassah Story!
How did your Hadassah journey begin? My Hadassah journey began when I was working at our Levine JCC. While I always knew what Hadassah was, I didn't know how powerful and life-changing of an organization it was until I was at our JCC and began working on the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival (CJFF), something Hadassah started many years ago. CJFF has been a big part of my life for the last two and a half years. Every day, I learn something new that Hadassah does to make the world a healthier, better place, such as the ground-breaking medical research at our hospitals in Israel, and I am simply blown away. I'm thankful that I now get to be a part of the Hadassah family, not just professionally but also personally.

How have you grown personally being an active member of Hadassah?
I am a brand new life member of Hadassah and I have been working for Hadassah national as Director of Development of the South for about six weeks, so I am just getting my feet wet. However, in this short amount of time, I feel I have grown a great deal. Hadassah makes me feel empowered and that together, with other like-minded individuals, we can help change the world.

What do you think/feel Hadassah does for our community and the larger world? Hadassah does so much for our local community and the world at large so it is tough to pick just a few points to highlight. Nonetheless, I would have to say that the medical research Hadassah does every day is something that is always on my mind. This great contribution to the world starts right here on the chapter level, by the hard work of many chapter and community members. When we see, and for so many of us personally experience, the devastation that diseases have on families locally and around the globe, the fact that we get to work with others on a daily basis to help Hadassah Medical Organization find cures and treatments for these diseases, I feel incredibly proud. That is undoubtedly one of Hadassah's biggest contributions to the world.

Curious about whose on our local Executive Board? Interested in becoming more involved? Check the Leadership Section of our website for the full Executive Board list.
Hadassah CLT's Newest Members!

We wanted to take this opportunity and welcome all of our new Hadassah CLT Chapter members for the period of April-June 2018. We hope to see you at our upcoming events.

Life Member: Terri Laddy (Indianland, SC)

Annual: Bobbi Stone-Ulanet (Indianland, SC)

All new members will receive a complimentary portable charging cable with our We Got The Power Logo! For more details contact Laurie Sheinhaus at laushein@gmail.com   or 704.763.4227 .
What's New...
We want to know what's going in your world! We'd like to celebrate your happy life events or send words of support and comfort during times of illness or the passing of a loved one. If a life event has happened to yourself or another member you know please contact Nancy Kerstein our Corresponding Secretary at 704-643-9494 or randee3763@gmail.com

Seeing children wrenched from the arms of parents is heartbreaking. Hadassah stands with the growing community —  including many Jewish organizations  —
speaking out against the separation of children from migrant parents.

As an organization dedicated to health, we are especially concerned by the long-term physical and emotional impact of separating children and parents.
We've heard their cries. As our voices join an unprecedented public outrage, we see hope for these families. Policymakers are starting to act. Help build the momentum to support refugees and the unification of families. Stand with Hadassah, ACT NOW !
National News
Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence in Ophthalmology at Hadassah

The local and global impact of Hadassah’s Department of Ophthalmology was the theme shared by the international experts who spoke at the June 20th opening of the Centennial Conference, marking the 100th anniversary of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Department
of Ophthalmology. For the full article visit our National Website here !

Photo- L to R Prof. Itay Chowers, Hadassah Pediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Irene Anteby, Ellen Hershkin, Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda, and Prof. Jacob Pe'er
Hadassah Researchers Crack the Mystery of
First Pregnancy Fragility
Why do subsequent pregnancies tend to be less fragile than the first? A study by Hadassah Medical Organization physician/researchers reveals that “natural killer cells,” renowned for being able to destroy tumors, also produce helpful proteins in the uterus. For the full article visit our National Website here !
Past Events
Leonard Rogoff, Author of Gertrude Weil Jewish Progressive in the New South Visits Charlotte
Cover of “Gertrude Weil: Jewish Progressive in the New South.”
Author, Leonard Rogoff chatting with
an attendee after the event.
This May 24 th  program featuring Leonard Rogoff author of Gertrude Weil was in honor of Jewish America Heritage Month. Gertrude Weil – a native of Goldsboro, NC – stood courageously at the forefront of a wide range of progressive and often controversial causes including women’s suffrage, labor reform and civil rights. As a Zionist, Weil also was the founding member of Goldsboro’s Hadassah Chapter. The program was sponsored by the Center for Jewish Education , the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room-Mecklenburg Library, and the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah chapter.
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For more than a century, Hadassah has been committed to healing the sick, curing disease, promoting Jewish leadership and nurturing disadvantaged youth. With a bequest or planned gift, you can help us continue our life-saving and life-enhancing
work in Israel and the U.S. for the next hundred years.

There are many different ways to support Hadassah's future, and we invite you to explore them here !
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