2018 Issue 6 | November-December
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2018 Issue 6
From Passion to Action:
Hadassah Celebration 2018!
Hadassah CLT President Dana Kapustin & Recording Secretary, Health & Wellness Chair Sharon Goretsky
share their experience on the From Dream to Innovation: Hadassah Milestone Mission...

I just returned from the Hadassah “Passion to Action” mission to Israel. Sharon Goretsky, Stacey Selkin, and I were the 3 participants from our Southeastern Seaboard Region of Hadassah. I feel like Charlotte was well represented. Crystal Stubbs from the Hub in Atlanta, (our satellite office for National Hadassah) attended as well. We joined about 200 women from around the world on this incredible opportunity.
If I tell you everything we did on our tour, this article would become a book…so in the interest of time and space, I’ll only highlight our travels. Our mission began in Tel Aviv. Gil Troy welcomed us, as a Young Judaean, Zionist, and author of “Zionist Ideas.” If you have ever heard Gil speak, you know he is a passionate Zionist, scholar, and an incredibly motivational and inspirational individual. He recommended resources for us, gave us food for thought, and guided us as we experienced Israel. 

While in Tel Aviv, we walked on the Independence Trail, some of us visited the Agam museum, led by none other than Mr. Agam himself. Stacey and I visited the Yitzhak Rabin Center. What an incredible museum of history, insight and background of Israel, Politics, and of course Yitzhak Rabin. I especially enjoyed the way this museum weaves into its historical quilt, not only the history of Israel, Zionism, and Politics, but at the same time, the history of what was happening in America, during the years when Israel was becoming a state, and going forward. Quite impressive, and a great way to have spent the afternoon. We visited the Tel Aviv Stock exchange, and Birthright building, where we learned about Israeli innovation. 

No trip to Israel would be complete without a visit to Jerusalem where we spent time at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Barbara Goldstein, the Deputy Director of Hadassah in Israel was ever-present on our tour and led us in an incredibly interesting discussion of the Chagall windows in the chapel of the Hadassah Medical Organization. These windows serve as a personal “Mecca” for me, as every time I go to Israel, I must visit these gorgeous works of art, and hear the story about how they were given to us by Marc Chagall. We even visited Hadassah Hospital Mt. Scopus, and learned about its history as the original location of the HMO. We visited Ammunition Hill, Mt. of Olives, and the tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem. We also had a Gala reception on the Haas promenade in Talpiot. I think this was my 10th visit to Israel, however, I did so many things for the “first time.” I’m inspired by Darius Rucker, “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?” Consider a trip to Israel, there are so many things to see and do. You will of course visit those places over and over again that you love, like we did.

Our jeep tour on the Burma Road outside of Jerusalem was a first for me, and a totally unforgettable experience. Hadassah Meir Shfeya Youth Aliya village was a first for me as well. We learned about this amazing village, met students, and helped prune the vines of their vineyards. 

We sat in the bus, on a geopolitical tour of Jerusalem, accompanied by Nancy Falchuk and Marlene Post, past Presidents of National Hadassah. Wow, talk about Women Who Do! We spent Shabbat with my son Charlie, who is studying at AMHSI with American Hebrew Academy. What a treat! 

I can go on and on about friendship, passion, love and experiences in Israel. You don’t really want to read about it, you want to live it for yourself. Talk to any of us, really soon, while we are on our “Israel high.” It’s contagious, you might just catch it. Hadassah inspires women, of all ages and stages, to Act! We have political advocacy programs, Health and Education programs, as well as purely social events. There is always room at Charlotte Hadassah for one more, so join us today; we would love to meet you. Please visit our website, Facebook, or call us! We’d love to share our experiences with you. 

Dana Kapustin
Photo (L-R) Sharon Goretsky, Dana Kapustin, Stacey Selkin, Managing Dir. of Hadassah Super South Crystal Anderson & Cydney Robinson.
Photo (L-R) Dana Kapustin & Stacey Selkin at HMO, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
Photo (L-R) Dana Kapustin & Stacey Selkin.
Top Photo- (L-R) Dana Kapustin & Barbara Goldstein, Deputy Director of Hadassah Israel.

Left Photo (L-R) Dana Kapustin, Charlie Kapustin & Stacey Selkin at Machane Yehuda, Israel.
By now, Dana has told you about our amazing week in Israel with Hadassah. To say “you should have been there” is an understatement. I will carry those memories with me forever.

One of the purposes of the From Dream to Innovation mission was to celebrate the 100th year of the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing. As a Nurse Practitioner, I knew this would be the perfect trip for me. On the Thursday of our incredible week, the nurses (and a few physicians) on the mission participated in a special Nurses’ Track. We started our day with visits to two schools in East Jerusalem. These schools are working with Hadassah to teach the children, and their families, about healthy lifestyle choices. At Al Salam School for Special Education, the teachers shared what they are doing in their classes to prepare developmentally disabled students for an active life in the community. We were treated to song, plays, and delicious treats at Um Tuba School for Girls. We also joined the girls for recess, which left me a little sore, but the girls were entertained by my hopping skills.

After the schools, we were off to Hadassah’s Ein Kerem hospital. Following a session with Professor Raphael Meshulam on the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of various medical diagnoses, the nurses were paired up with Hadassah nurses for some time on the units of the hospital. I spent the afternoon session with Ruthie Zeligman, the Deputy Head Nurse of the Oncology Unit. Ruthie and I shared the latest in nursing education, patient care and health insurance in our respective countries. I left the unit with not only a new respected peer, but a new friend. Our last session, showcased several amazing nurse leaders and their research and projects. Nursing at Hadassah is the perfect example of From Dream to Innovation.

One of the most special moments of the week for me was Havdalah. The sound of 200 voices joined in song and prayer in Jerusalem brought me to tears. I’d love to talk to you about all my favorite moments from the week and the people I met. Just ask me! 

Sharon Goretsky
Teachers at Al Salem School for Special Education with nurses from the Hadassah Mission.
Hadassah National President Ellen Hershkin with nurses from the Misson preparing to show Hadassah's support of Israel through the streets of Jerusalem.
Photo (L-R) Dana Kapustin and Sharon Goretsky in Isfiya, a Druze village and local council in northern Israel. Located on Mount Carmel, it is part of the Haifa District.
Israeli Artist Yaacov Agam at the new Agam Museum in Rishon LeZion.
Thank You for an Amazing 2018
Celebrate the TaTas Series of Events!!!
Painting Day
Hurricane Florence could not prevent us from painting our TaTas! First conceived by Talia Goldman in 2012, Celebrate the TaTas is a unique breast cancer program that brings together women in our community to educate, celebrate and empower. 

Painting Day 2018 took place on Sunday, September 23rd at the McDowell Arts Center in Downtown Matthews. During Painting Day, female artists and photographers volunteered their time to paint and photograph works of art created on each woman’s breast and torso. Most of the women, ages 21 and up, came to the event with their own idea or image that has personal significance to them. As a first time co-chair, I was amazed at the bond that was created between the models and artists as their ideas came to life in such a beautiful and collaborative way. 

One of our models is currently finishing her own breast cancer treatment and wanted to be a part of Painting Day 2018. Her cancer was found in a routine mammogram screening. Her message to us is, "Get your mammograms on time, Ladies!”.   Her tumor was too small to see or feel and it was aggressive in nature but it was caught early and treated aggressively so her prognosis is very good. Her oncologist confidently reassured her she would be fine because research has enabled treatment today to be so successful.
Attendees were treated to bra fittings, make-up consultations, as well as coffee and refreshments from Caribou Coffee and Harris Teeter. One first time artist remarked on what a powerful and inspiring event this was for her and asked to be included next year. All proceeds benefit Hadassah Breast Cancer Research.

A big thank you to the artists, photographers, models, vendors, and volunteers for their flexibility and support as we rescheduled this much anticipated day of artistic expression and activism due to the inclement weather. These works of art were displayed at this year’s Big Reveal at Queen Park Social.  We are grateful to St. John’s Photography for their generosity in donating all of the printing costs. 

Dru Dougherty
Artist prepping for her next model.
Artist working with model.
Dillard's providing beauty tips and bra fittings for Painting Day attendees.
Works of Art from previous Painting Days.
Celebrate the TaTas Tournament of Champions
The North Carolina Adult Soccer Association had another awesome Celebrate the TaTas Tournament of Champions. Congrats Gold Division Winners, The Peace Passers. Thanks to the Hine Park Soccer Complex, Winston Salem, teams/players, spectators, volunteers, donors and sponsors. Thank you Andrew Bowen Photography for the great photos! For more details check out this great article featured on the Hadassah website:

Celebrate the TaTas Tournament of Champions Gold Trophy Winners the Peace Passers- PC: Andrew Bowen
Action Shot from Tournament of Champions- PC: Andrew Bowen
Novant Health Mobile Mammography Unit at Shalom Park
Over the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of volunteering for various events during September and October for Celebrate the TaTas. The one event I never could volunteer for was the Novant Health Mobile Mammography Unit. My schedule never allowed for it so this year when it did I jumped at the chance. It was truly a fantastic afternoon. I love the LJCC. I always feel at home when I walk through the sun-drenched foyer and see the friendly familiar faces of the receptionists and 99% of the time I'll run into a good friend, family member or casual acquaintance and get to have a little kibbitz.  

The sense of camaraderie that the LJCC fills in me was stronger than usual because I was with Hadassah CLT Women Who Do committed to fundraising for Breast Cancer research and making sure women from all economic backgrounds were screened. Novant Health provided scholarships for women who were uninsured to get mammograms in addition to insured women. We were at the JCC on October 22nd from 7am to 3:30pm. Our volunteer activities included ushering women to the wonderful Novant Health staff who were there to perform mammograms in their state-of-the art, spacious and serene Mobile Mammography Unit. We provided information about breast health and the various health initiatives that Hadassah is involved with to people who stopped by our table. We also fund-raised by selling tickets to to the Big Reveal and selling warm and cozy pink Celebrate the TaTas-themed bathrobes.  In addition we gave out refreshments to attendees and passersbys as we engaged them about what Hadassah CLT was up to in the community. I may have drunk my own weight in our tasty Celebrate the TaTas Pink Lemonade.

When I think back to my afternoon volunteering with Celebrate the TaTas this year and year’s past I find myself hearing the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson... When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.

Thank you Novant Health, The LJCC, Women who were Screened, Bev Moseman and Ami Felner (For Coordinating the Day) and all of our Women Who Do volunteers.

Alicia Cooper
Photo(L-R) Sharon Goretsky, Sheree Kanter & Tonya Meltsner.
Novant Mobile Mammography Unit
Big Reveal at Queen Park Social
Our Big Reveal was held at Queen Park Social this year and achieved its goals as being an affordable, fun event to raise funds for breast cancer research. Educating us that evening was Dr. Amy Sobel, lifetime member of Hadassah and Diagnostic Radiologist with Charlotte Radiology, and Dr. Lori Gentile, Breast Surgical Oncologist with Novant Health. We were treated to a special inspirational video message by Marisa Jackson, Breast Cancer Previvor and BRCA Advocate. Mazel tov to the Jackson Family on the arrival of their baby Avery. Of course, we are grateful to our Big Reveal Champion Sponsor, Novant Health for their continued generous support, As well as Big Reveal Heroes LJCC and Charlotte Radiology. Please visit our website for our complete list of sponsors and gifts in kind, we are appreciative of your support, at any and all levels. www.celebratethetatas.com

Dana Kapustin
Photo (L-R) Celebrate the TaTas Committee Debra Van Glish, Marci Goldberg, Bleema Bershad, Sharon Goretsky, Marci Willenzik, Dru Dougherty & Dana Kapustin.
The DJ getting the party started while the Big Reveal Stage awaits our Special Guests.
Big Reveal Attendees having fun.
Big Reveal Attendees Schmoozing & Noshing.
For more info about our Celebrate the TaTas series of events be sure to read our letter from Dana Kapustin in the From the President section of this issue.
Upcoming Events
Lunch & Learn
Ayelet Tsabari‘s debut story collection The Best Place on Earth, won the $100,000 Rohr Prize. It is the largest literary prize in the Jewish world and is intended for writers early in their careers who have published one or two books. This short stories collection has been published internationally. The Israeli author lives in Toronto where her book was named by the Canadian Public Broadcaster as one of ten Canadian Writers to Watch. Her work has won a National Magazine Award among others. 

It was selected for the Hadassah Lunch and Learn discussion because we can relate to it. I, personally, chose it because Tsabari built on her experience of feeling like an outsider in a new country, being torn between homes. In the story that was discussed on Friday October 19 the main character, just like the author’s grandmother, and also my and Malka’s mothers, hired a Filipino caregiver. This caregiver inspired the author to write the story INVISIBLE (page 121). Gloria invited a friend. She and her friend grew up in the Philippines. She gave us insights to Filipino life in Israel as well as the Philippines. 

Please join us on Friday Nov. 16 at 11:45 in Temple Israel for the group discussion on the story BELOW THE SEA LEVEL (pages 149-170) even if you have not read the story. Audrey Madans will lead the discussion.  Bring your own lunch but, please, respect the Kashrut observance and bring only dairy lunch. I thank Temple Israel for providing us the meeting room and Linda Levy for making sure that we have a place to meet and for keeping the group informed of the date, time and place

The December meeting will be on Friday Dec. 21. We will discuss the story A SIGN OF HARMONY from the same book.

Amalia Warshenbrot

For additional information contact me at amaliaima@att.net or Linda Levy at levyollie@aol.com.
Cover of Ayelet Tsabari‘s The Best Place On Earth
Author Ayelet Tsabari
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From Our President
TaTa!! Or Shall I say, stay tuned...
With November comes Thanksgiving and December, the darkest days of the year. Fortunately, with the light of the Chanukkah Menorah, we are reminded that even in the darkest days, we can find that which gives us light. I have always been an optimist, so why stop now?
As I write my final article as the President of Hadassah Charlotte, I would like to share a few of my personal reflections over the past two and a half years. I have been a volunteer with Hadassah since we moved to Charlotte in 2005. First, as Young Women’s Programming VP, then as Camp Judaea Liaison, Treasurer for 6 years, and finally President. I have learned how to work with all types of people and I can safely say, I really do enjoy working with “Women Who Do.
Over the past few years, we improved the Charlotte Jewish Community Directory, which Hadassah has provided to our community for the past 70 years. We have digitalized the process, keeping our goals clear: we want to produce an accurate, relevant and valuable resource for our community members. We are grateful to our sponsor, Novant Health, for helping make this possible. We have also modernized our website and become active on Facebook and Twitter. Many of you have supported our efforts, and for that, I thank you. 
I am happy to report that we raised over $30,000 this year for breast cancer research as we continued our 7-year tradition of Celebrate the TaTas. Four different events contribute to the success of Celebrate the TaTas. In mid-September we painted the TaTas at the McDowell Art Center in Matthews. Dru Dougherty and Sharon Goretsky led these efforts, to say they are experts is an understatement. Many thanks to Talia Goldman and her crew for an unbelievable Soccer Tournament the first weekend in October. Bev Moseman and Ami Felner led the Mobile Mammography Day at the LJCC and Novant provided this service in Shalom Park, our home away from home. And finally, the Big Reveal on October 24 was a wonderful culmination of a year of hard work, led by our Co-Chairs Debra Van Glish and Shelly Steiner. 
As we put an end to 2018, I have a funny feeling that my work with Hadassah is not finished. I look forward to supporting the Hadassah Charlotte Board in 2019 in my role as Past President. I hope that you will join me at Hadassah events in the future. Women Who Do have inspired me to stay focused on the positive, surround myself with leaders, and appreciate all that we are so fortunate to experience here in Charlotte. Stay tuned for information about the Charlotte Jewish Community Directory in 2019. Thank you for a wonderful journey. 

Dana Kapustin

Photo (L-R): Hadassah National President Ellen Hershkin, Dana Kapustin and Professor Gil Troy.
We Got The Power

Are you someone who is interested in joining or becoming more active in Hadassah? The theme for 2018 is "We've got the Power." So true!

Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. We have a great year of events for 2019, and welcome you to join us.

For more details about joining Hadassah please contact Membership Chair Amy DeLoach at Amybdeloach@gmail.com or 910.617.1264 .
Hadassah CLT's Newest Members!

We wanted to take this opportunity and welcome all of our new Hadassah CLT Chapter members for the period of September to October 2018. We hope to see you at our upcoming events.

Lisa Strause Levinson                 
Susan Stutman King 

Sheree Kanter

All new members will receive a complimentary portable charging cable with our We Got The Power Logo! For more details contact Amy DeLoach at Amybdeloach@gmail.com or 910.617.1264 .
What's New...
We want to know what's going in your world! We'd like to celebrate your happy life events or send words of support and comfort during times of illness or the passing of a loved one. If a life event has happened to yourself or another member you know please contact Nancy Kerstein our Corresponding Secretary at 704-643-9494 or randee3763@gmail.com
Civil Rights & Human Rights

Hadassah's efforts are focused on removing barriers to basic services, education, housing, voting and employment. This includes strengthening LGBTQ rights, racial justice, advocating for refugees and immigrants, support of affirmative action and disabilities protections.

National News
Hadassah Mourns Loss of Life in Pittsburgh

UPDATE: It is with great sorrow that we share this update. Sadly, we learned about a second death in our Hadassah family after this letter was sent to our members.

Joyce Fienberg z”l, was also murdered while observing Shabbat at the Tree of Life Synagogue. She was a Hadassah life member and a donor. Her daughter-in-law Marnie Fienberg is the Co-President of the Hadassah Northern Virginia chapter.

Dear Friends,

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., mourns with the entire Jewish community today. We are devastated to learn that on Shabbat, at least 11 of our brothers and sisters were murdered. The gunman who entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA screamed, “all Jews must die”, as gunfire rained down on members of the congregation who had gathered for morning Shabbat services.

Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy, especially our members in the Pittsburgh area. We are deeply saddened by the loss of Daniel Stein z"l, the husband of Sharyn Stein, Membership VP of Hadassah Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Our deep gratitude goes out to the first responders, four of which are among the wounded. We pray for their full recovery.
According to a  report by the ADL , anti-Semitic incidents and attacks have risen by 60% in the United States in the last year alone. This shocking escalation in hate both at home and abroad requires swift and broad action by our leaders.

As members of Hadassah, we must continue to stand strong against anti-Semitism and hate wherever it is present. As the NGO (non-governmental organization) convener of the  Never Again Education Act , Hadassah members have a unique role to play in ensuring this bill becomes law. Head to our National Action Center now to take action on policy priorities that matter to you, including this bill that would expand Holocaust Education and anti-hate curricula.

When one life is taken all our lives are affected in common grief and conviction to make the world a better place. May we go from strength to strength.

Ellen Hershkin
National President
Hadassah Opens Washington DC Government Relations Office, 
Names Karen Paikin Barall
(pictured) as Director

Hadassah announces the expansion of its domestic advocacy efforts with the opening of a Government Relations Office in Washington, DC and the appointment of Karen Paikin Barall as Director of Government Relations, according to Ellen Hershkin, National President, Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. (HWZOA). As the largest Zionist women’s organization in the U.S. – with 300,000 members found across every U.S. congressional district – Hadassah’s DC office will educate, activate and mobilize its membership, serving as a hub to harness grassroots engagement and maximize advocacy impact. To read full press release click HERE !
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