2018 Issue 5 | September - October
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2018 Issue 5
Facts Every Woman
Should Know About
Breast Cancer 
Dr. Lori Gentile,
Novant Health Breast Surgical Oncologist 
Considering that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, and many more touched by it affecting friends and family, it is important that everyone is informed. Novant Health breast surgical oncologist, Dr. Lori Gentile, shares some facts that you should know.  

How is breast cancer most often diagnosed? Many breast cancers have no noticeable symptoms at all, which is why screening is so important. About 1 in 8 women, roughly 12 percent, will be diagnosed with an invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is still all too common and scary.  For many women, the only reason they found out about their cancer was through routine screening.Studies have shown that breast cancer screening and early detection reduces breast cancer mortality from 24-49%.  

What is the benefit of finding breast cancer at an early stage? Breast cancer mortality, or dying from breast cancer, is based on the stage (or how much disease is present in the body). For example, early stage cancers have a 98-99% 5 year survival rate, whereas, later stage cancers that have already spread to the lymph nodes have 5 year survival rates around 85%, and survival rates are much lower when cancer has already spread to other parts of the body at the time of diagnosis

For breast cancers that aren’t detected by screening, how do they present? Some breast cancers do present warning signs. If symptoms are present, breast cancer can present with a change to the breast, including a palpable mass in the breast or under the arm, nipple retraction or new nipple discharge, skin thickening or skin discoloration. Being able to detect these changes requires women to be familiar with their breasts; hence, they're often encouraged by doctors to conduct monthly breast self-examinations to look for any changes.

Can maintaining a healthy weight reduce your breast cancer risk? Being overweight or obese — especially after menopause — may raise your cancer risks. The risk of overweight women developing breast cancer after menopause is 1.5 to 2 times higher than in lean women in studies.
To keep your cancer risk low, avoid weight gain by eating healthy foods and staying active. Stick with a whole foods diet rich in fruits and vegetables and minimize the intake of processed foods. Try to fit in at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your day. Exercise has been found to reduce breast cancer risk for women of all body types. The American Cancer Society recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week to minimize risk, and in some studies, even 30 minutes per week has been found to be beneficial.

When should a woman contact their doctor? There is great variation across women in how breast tissue looks and feels. Breasts can vary wildly depending on a woman's weight, age, genetics and hormonal profile, so it's important to know what's normal for you. The only way to do that is to get familiar with your breasts by checking them regularly and noticing how they change over time. Although 80% of breast lumps are benign, they should always be checked out by a doctor. 

At what age should women begin checking their breasts for lumps and/or changes? Younger women should get to know their breasts as well, as younger women are more likely to present with these changes because they have not yet started to undergo screening, and over 10,000 breast cancers each year are diagnosed in women less than 40 years old, most of which have not yet started undergoing mammography screening. 

Visit NovantHealth.org/GoPink to schedule a mammogram.  
Celebrate the TaTas
Celebrate the TaTas 2018 is Better Than Ever!

For the 7th year, Hadassah bares all for breast cancer awareness, research & treatment. The Celebrate the TaTas series of events, is a one-of-a-kind celebration of life honoring and demonstrating the strength of breast cancer survivors. Our community is familiar with this amazing program and this year we have an exciting new twist!

Find out more on JPOD CLT's next episode featuring "Celebrate the TaTas" with Hadassah CLT President Dana L. Kapustin and Big Reveal Co-Chair Debra Van Glish. Stay tuned for more info!

Painting Days – September 16-17
Painting Days are the heart and soul of Celebrate the TaTas. Women ages 21-121 are invited to have their TaTas painted by volunteer artists. Sharing the most private and painful aspects of their fight, survivors and supporters reveal themselves in full- torso body paintings that are photographed and placed onto beautiful canvases. Painting appointments can be reserved online Here . Artists who are interested in participating in this amazing experience please register to volunteer Here.

Tournament of Champions – October 6-7
The TaTas Tournament of Champions is an annual premier all-women's soccer tournament that raises funds for breast cancer research. Since our tournament began in 2014, we have raised nearly $25,000 to donate for breast cancer research. Help us reach our 2018 GOAL of adding $10,000 to that total! Go to donate Here .

Novant Mobile Mammography Unit – October 22
An important part of Celebrate the TaTas is the Novant Health mobile mammography unit which provides mammography in a comfortable mobile setting. Special funding available for those who need it. No woman should do without! To schedule an appointment on Monday October 22nd, 9:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m. at Shalom Park Call Novant Health for an appointment - 704-384-7226. Novant Health is in network with most major insurance carriers- including Medicare and Medicaid, and will file insurance on your behalf. Uninsured clients please email celebratethetatas2018@gmail.com.

Big Reveal – October 24 at Queen Park Social
Celebrate the TaTas 2018 Big Reveal is in the works! The fun and festivities will begin at 7pm and will go until 9pm; with a VIP hour from 6-7pm. There will be bowling, games, cocktails, and friends all joining together to raise funds for breast cancer research.  

We are so proud to announce that our guest speakers this year will be Lori Gentile, MD—Breast Imaging, Novant Health and Amy Sobel, MD-Division of Breast Imaging, Charlotte Radiology. With a special video tribute from Marisa Jackson, Breast Cancer Previvor and BRCA Advocate

So come join us for a really special and super fun evening! Tickets available Here !

Supporting Celebrate the TaTas!
Join us at our events, buy your tickets at www.celebratethetatas.com .

Volunteer at one or all of our series of events, there's still room to participate in one of the most rewarding moments you will ever have.

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available, let us help support your business while you raise funds for Breast Cancer research with your generosity.

Are you a Hadassah Member? Consider donating wine bottles in the $10-$80 per bottle range for our Celebrate The TaTas Wine Pull. For more information on where to drop them off please email President Dana L. Kapustin.

Celebrate the TaTas raises funds for breast cancer and genetic research programs at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem and breast cancer awareness, research, and treatment in the U.S. 
Made for some special ladies in North Carolina to help raise money for breast cancer research. This burst necklace is engraved with a choice of three different words: WARRIOR, GRATEFUL or COURAGE with a sunburst in the back (can be worn to display the side of your choice). This delicate gold disc can be worn long and layered with your favorite necklaces. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Hadassah Medical Organization for breast cancer research”

Past Events
An Afternoon with Linda Pressman:
Author, Pop Culture Blogger & Second Generation Survivor
Written by Alicia Cooper
Attendees having a wonderful time at our
our event in Wan-Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine. This shot was taken prior to our luncheon and our speaker Linda Pressman, hence the kibitzing.
Photo- L to R
Linda Pressman and Hadassah CLT Communications VP
Alicia Cooper.
Photo- L to R
Hadassah CLT President Dana L. Kapustin, Hadassah CLT Education & Programming VP. Lynda White, Linda Pressman, JFS Charlotte Executive Director Howard S. Olshansky and Hadassah CLT Education & Programming VP Roz Cooper.
I was excited for this event co-sponsored with Jewish Family Services and a grant they received from The Jewish Federation of North America. I have no survivors in my family of origin but I married into a family who would not have existed if not for my husband's grandfather Henry Wasserman. Henry escaped Nazi Germany with the help of a generous distant relative in the United States named Emil Schwarzhaupt. In honor of this act we named our son Emil.

Stories of survivors and the families they create have always fascinated me. The tales of men and women who have faced indescribable tragedy and hardship but managed to overcome them and live to the fullest in spite of them inspire me. The tales of their children and how their parents experience affected their own choices, dreams and goals in life give me a different perspective on how I see or make my own choices, dreams and goals.

Sunday August 26th was no exception. I like so many of the other attendees was fascinated and incredibly moved by my afternoon with Linda Pressman. Her candid stories about life growing up as second-generation survivor in Skokie, IL were full of humor, angst and rays of hope. The path that led to the creation and release of her book Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie was one of hard-work, determination, perseverance and of course humor. The other attendees and I laughed often during the event as Linda shared delightful anecdotes about her parents. Some of the anecdotes could almost be mistaken as false because of the their absurdity but they were taken at face value because of Linda's integrity and character. Also in life the truth can be much stranger or in this case more surreal than fiction.

The event started with a fantastic introduction from Hadassah CLT President Dana L. Kapustin, wonderful words from JFS Executive Director Howard S. Olshansky and a great introduction of Linda Pressman by Education and Programming VP Roz Cooper. The afternoon was also peppered with updates about our local chapter from Hadassah CLT board members. Everyone noshed on a delicious luncheon provided by our host Wan Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine and attendees received signed copies of Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie. A truly a wonderful afternoon was had by all!

If you're interested in getting your own signed copy of the book we still have some available for purchase. Email hadassahclt@gmail.com for details.

To keep up with Linda Pressman's latest news follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/barmitzvahzilla

Many Thanks to Linda Pressman, Jewish Family Services and the event attendees. Hadassah CLT would also like to extend our Thanks to the event committee comprised of Hadassah CLT Board Members Roz Cooper & Lynda White (Education and Programming VPs), Laurie Sheinhaus (Membership VP) and Marci Willenzik & Marci Goldberg (Treasurers). In addition Thank You Phillip B. Goldberg for connecting us to Linda Pressman!
Upcoming Events
Lunch & Learn
Sept. 21 11:45 to 1:00PM
After our Summer Break Lunch and Learn is back!

We will continue discussing short stories from the book THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH by Ayelet Tsabari . The book is available in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library , The Center for Jewish Education and from Amazon . There's also a paperback version available Here .
The meeting will take place in Temple Israel’s Multi-Purpose Room next to the Board Room. We will discuss the story Casualties (pages 101-120). This is the only story that was originally written in Hebrew when the author was in the army. Ayelet wrote that it was a good way to write about how life in Israel, and the mandatory army, can shape people—women specifically—who feel a need to “act tough” in order to survive. “You can see it with other female characters in the collection as well”.

We thank Temple Israel for providing us the meeting room. Please respect the Kashrut observance and bring only dairy lunch. 

If you have not joined us before do not hesitate to come even if you have not read the book.

For additional information contact Amalia at amaliaima@att.net or Linda Levy at levyollie@aol.com
We Got The Power

Are you someone who is interested in joining or becoming more active in Hadassah? The theme for 2018 is "We've got the Power." So true!

Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. We have great events planned for the rest of 2018, and welcome you to join us.

For more details about joining Hadassah please contact Membership Chairs Amy DeLoach at Amybdeloach@gmail.com or 910.617.1264 or Laurie Sheinhaus at laushein@gmail.com   or 704.763.4227
Hadassah CLT President
Dana L. Kapustin Shares Her Hadassah Story!
How did your Hadassah journey begin? My Hadassah journey began when I was in Middle School, and joined Young Judaea. Back then, Young Judaea was sponsored by Hadassah. My sisters and I attended seasonal YJ Conventions, Camps, trips to Israel, and we worked at YJ camps as well. Fast forward, 13 years ago we moved to Charlotte. I found my Zionist friends at Hadassah. Women who are passionate about Israel, supporting Hadassah Hospital, Youth Aliyah, and many of Hadassah's missions are found at Hadassah.

How have you grown personally being an active member of Hadassah?
For the past 13 years on the Charlotte Board of Hadassah, I have learned to play many different roles. From Young Womens Programmer, to Camp Judaea Liason, to Treasurer for 6 years, and then finally President 2 years ago. In these transitions, I have learned many computer skills, internet technologies, digital awareness, and tons of new computer programs. I have enjoyed learning about Hadassah initiatives, and of course, traveling to Israel to see the amazing work we are doing.

What do you think/feel Hadassah does for our community and the larger world? I think Hadassah provides an opportunity for women in Charlotte to play a "hands on" role in fundraising, programming, social action, and education. We are WOMEN WHO DO! We make the fliers, create the spread sheets, organize the events, market the events, and share all of our events with the Greater Charlotte Jewish Community. We have provided the Charlotte Jewish Community Directory for the past 70 years. We have educated, and raised awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research for the past 7 years with our Celebrate the TaTa's initiative. There is SO much to do, and we really enjoy our contribution to Charlotte and Israel.

What is your favorite Hadassah memory?  Taking my children to Camp Judaea in Hendersonville annually is always a great memory. Hearing familiar songs, seeing old friends, watching CJ grow and thrive, these are some of my favorite memories. Of course traveling to Israel, noticing Hadassah's impact on the state of Israel. Seeing friends from the past 30 years of my life, whether from Camp Young Judaea in Texas, Camp Judaea in Hendersonville, Camp Tel Yehudah in New York, or in Israel. My fondest memories, my greatest moments in life have been with my husband Andrew. After all, we met at Tel Yehudah, lived in Israel together, and have created a family based on the education and values we learned from Hadassah and Young Judaea.

Curious about whose on our local Executive Board? Interested in becoming more involved? Check the Leadership Section of our website for the full Executive Board list.
Hadassah CLT's Newest Members!

We wanted to take this opportunity and welcome all of our new Charlotte Hadassah Chapter members for the period of April- August, 2018. We hope to see you at many of the events that we have all year. If you have been omitted for any reason or there is a mistake, please contact laushein@gmail.com .

Life Members
  • Amy Lefkof- Charlotte
  • Lisa Strause-Levinson- Charlotte
  • Susan Doobrow- Charlotte
  • Diana Warth- Charlotte

Renewed Annual
  • Roberta Polishook- Indian Land
  • Paige Cohen- Charlotte
  • Rabbi Dusty Klass- Charlotte
  • LauraLee Cohen- Fort Mill
  • Sylvia Aronson- Charlotte
  • Lorraine Baum- Indian Land
  • Linda Keitel- Indian Land
  • Carol Solomon- Fort Mill

  • Nadine Fox- from Lake Norman
  • Irma Dougherty- from Inverrary Woodmont
  • Charlotte Miller- from Lake Norman
  • Karen Futtersak- from Tobay
  • Elizabeth Flowers- from Greater Atlanta
  • Dana Gorelick
  • Sara Gottschalk- from Boca West
  • Karen Hauser- from DuPage-Will

All new members will receive a complimentary portable charging cable with our We Got The Power Logo! For more details contact Laurie Sheinhaus at laushein@gmail.com   or 704.763.4227.
What's New...
We want to know what's going in your world! We'd like to celebrate your happy life events or send words of support and comfort during times of illness or the passing of a loved one. If a life event has happened to yourself or another member you know please contact Nancy Kerstein our Corresponding Secretary at 704-643-9494 or randee3763@gmail.com
STOP Terrorist Organizations from Using Human Shields

The “STOP Using Human Shields Act” would formally condemn terrorist organization and operatives who violate the international law of armed conflict and impose sanctions and take effective actions against those facilitating, encouraging, controlling or directing such acts.

The US Ambassador to the United Nations would be directed to use his/her influence to secure a vote in the UN Security Council to impose multilateral sanctions against terrorist organizations and operatives for using human shields during armed conflict, and to require UN agencies to monitor and track the use of human shields.

For too long, Hamas, Hezbollah and others have been in blatant violation of international law, causing the unnecessary and unlawful harm of and deaths of civilians under their protection. We must call on Congress to hold these groups responsible and to end the use of human shields. ACT TODAY!
National News
Learn to Talk & Listen! A New Online Class from Hadassah

Are you passionate about Israel but need help navigating challenging conversations? Sign up for a free on-line class for Hadassah members. The class will focus on Israeli/Palestinain conflict .

Starting date for on-line class TBD, but it will start in the Fall on a week night at 7pm. The class will be 10 sessions, 1.5 hours each class

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