Fall 2021
New Design Standards for Haggard Park Heritage District Now In Place
Over the past 10 months, the Planning department and Post Oak Preservation Solutions, a historic preservation consulting firm in San Antonio, Texas, updated the Haggard Park Heritage District (HPHD) Design Standards through conversations and meetings with neighborhood residents, property owners, a stakeholder committee and the Heritage Commission. 

The new design standards show options for rehabilitation, materials, additions, new construction and more. The standards help property owners know what kinds of changes are appropriate and where there is flexibility through the use of full-color illustrations, photos and other graphics to visually depict the intent of the design standards. They also incorporate best practices, such as energy-efficient strategies, new compatible materials and backyard cottages. These standards help property owners know what can and cannot be done. The standards help to maintain the “look” and “feel” of the HPHD. 

HPHD was designated in 2000 as Plano’s first local heritage district. Since then, it has undergone redevelopment, rehabilitation and a mix of new infill construction spurring the need to update the previous design guidelines developed in 2002.   
Preservation Plano 150 Receives 2021 Preservation Texas Honor Award
Preservation Texas has honored the Heritage Commission and the Preservation Plano 150 Plan (PP150) with the 2021 Honor Award. This award recognizes and honors individuals, government officials, businesses, organizations and news media that have made significant contributions to preservation efforts in Texas. The awards program encourages the preservation of Texas’ significant historic sites by recognizing worthy efforts and projects. 

PP150, an update to the City of Plano’s heritage preservation plan, was adopted in 2018. The easy-to-use, highly-graphic plan guides the City's preservation efforts through 2023, the 150th anniversary of the founding of Plano. 
Updates Made to Heritage Preservation Ordinance
Plano’s Heritage Preservation Ordinance was updated this summer to bring it into compliance with Texas’ newest laws. 

The 87th Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill (SB) 1585, amending the Texas Local Government Code requirements for the designation of Historic Landmarks or Districts. It was signed into law in June and went into effect Sept. 1. A similar state law was approved in 2019 that, among other requirements, limited the ability of municipalities to designate local historic landmarks without consent of the property owner. 

Updates to Plano’s Heritage Preservation Ordinance apply the new requirements of SB 1585 and further clarify the distinction between the city’s Heritage Resource Overlay Districts and Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Districts.  
FY 2021-22 Heritage Preservation Grants Approved
Plano offers a heritage preservation grant to local nonprofit organizations that support heritage preservation, heritage education and heritage tourism in the City. Grant funds may be used for projects with historical programming, historic preservation advocacy and some historic restoration projects.  

For the 2021-2022 grant year, the Plano City Council approved grant funds in the amount of $642,410 to three recipients:

Funds to support this grant are generated from Plano's hotel/motel tax revenue. Proposed projects and programs funded by the grant program must demonstrate how each will promote tourism in Plano and support the City’s hospitality industry. 

Congratulations to the 2021-22 grant recipients!
Heritage Tax Exemption Program Reminders
Since 1984, Plano has offered tax exemptions to provide tax relief needed to encourage preservation and maintenance of the historic structures in the City. A total of 88 properties were approved in 2021 for tax exemptions. Applications for the 2022 program for new participants and new property owners only are due by Jan. 1, 2022.  

Upcoming Repair Deadline – January 1, 2022 
As part of the program, annual site inspections are conducted in January to verify structures are being maintained in accordance with program requirements. A copy of the 2021 inspection report (survey form) was mailed to each of the participating properties. Repairs for all items rated as Poor (P) condition in the survey forms must be completed by Jan. 1, 2022 to remain eligible for participation in the program for 2022. 

Extensions Request Deadline – October 31, 2021 
The Heritage Tax Exemption (HTE) Ordinance provides an option for tax exemption recipients to request an extension of the Jan. 1, 2022 repair deadline due to extenuating circumstances outlined in the HTE Ordinance. To request an extension, submit an extension request form by Oct. 31, 2021.