Subrata K. Ghosh was awarded a Heep Fellowship by the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study in 2016-17. During that time he worked with Faculty Fellow Christopher C. Cummins and his graduate advisor John A. Gladysz. His research was entitled “Radical Syntheses of Fluorous Phosphines from White Phosphorus (P4).” In this project, he synthesized several fluorous alkyl and aryl phosphines which are highly useful for catalysts and catalyst recycling. The work has been submitted for publication in Organic Chemistry Frontiers , an international peer reviewed journal. Subrata received his doctorate in chemistry from Texas A&M in 2017 and worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the chemistry department in 2018.

From Ghosh—"During the time that Cummins was in residence, we held weekly meetings with Dr. Gladysz lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. Cummins introduced us to the use of electronic laboratory notebooks, which allowed us to continue a close collaboration after he had returned to MIT. He had many cogent suggestions for the design and execution of our research, which represented a significant expansion of an observation he published in 2010–in a direction where we had specific needs and applications. This work undoubtedly went quicker than it would have in either laboratory alone, and presages many successful future syntheses of fluorous phosphorus compounds from white phosphorus.”