Hague Monitoring and Oversight Fee Increase
Dear Families,
Since 2018, IAAME has been the sole accrediting entity (AE) for the Department of State to accredit and monitor international adoption agencies in the US. As of December 1, 2022, there will be two accrediting entities: IAAME and the newly formed CEAS - Center for Excellence in Adoption Services. Agencies will be split between the two AEs based on geographic locations, and MAA will be one of the agencies moving to the newly established CEAS. 
Unfortunately with the split between two accrediting bodies, Hague monitoring and oversight fees have increased by the AEs. As of 12/1/22, this fee will go from $500 per adoption to $815 per adoption for each case processed by CEAS. Please note that this fee is assigned by CEAS and MAA has no control over it.
This will affect three groups of families:
  1. Any new family to MAA
  2. Any current MAA family who has applied, but not yet fully contracted with us. Fully contracted is when the adoption services contract is signed, and the MAA $4000 contract fee and $500 Hague fee is paid. A separate email has already been sent out to these families. If not fully contracted with MAA prior to December 1, these families will have to pay the new fee of $815.
  3. Any family adopting a sibling group- Family will have to pay the new fee of $815 for any additional child they adopt.
We realize a fee increase is rarely good news. We also apologize for the late notice on this increase, however we were just recently made aware of it ourselves. We assure you we remain dedicated to doing what we can to make adoption affordable, but unfortunately many third party fees are out of our control. As CEAS and IAAME are both monitored by our DOS, we would encourage you to reach out to them directly at adoption@state.gov with your feedback.
If anyone has any questions, please contact Diana DeGroot.