Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Hair salons and labs 
You might not think hair salons and labs have all that much in common. When it comes to flooring, it’s a bit more than you think.

For starters, both lab and hair salon floors require chemical resistance. Hair dyes can be every bit as damaging to a floor as a chemical found in a lab.

Of course, both labs and hair salons are fans of ease of installation and minimal down time. Hence the popularity of our interlocking flooring with both labs and hair salons. The interlocking tiles also provide a portability option should the hair salon or lab expand or change location.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, hair stylists and lab technicians both appreciate flooring with ergonomic benefits. While it’s true hair stylists and lab technicians are on their feet a good portion of the day, they are not always standing in the same position as a cashier would. So as well-intentioned as floor mats might be, it can actually have a detrimental effect if too soft.

That’s why for the above reasons, not to mention our stylish designs, many hair salons and labs choose our FreeStyle flooring. For more information on our FreeStyle products, click the button below.
Our updated lab flooring ebook
We recently updated our ebook, Checklist for Replacing Your Laboratory Floor . You can download your copy by clicking on the book cover to the left.

The new edition contains additional information on the chemicals you should test your flooring for before purchasing. It also discusses installing flooring around existing lab equipment and features two new case studies on lab installations at Waterbury Hospital and Giner Labs.
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