Haiti - Dodging the Bullet
Agent Lourdes-Jenny with one of our beautiful sponsored kids.
Many of our friends have been asking how Haiti fared in the wake of Irma and Maria. We are long overdue to bring you this update on the state of things at Haiti Cheri and the situation in general in our part of the country. Both storms turned to the north at the last minute and left Haiti relatively unscathed. There was some wind and localized flooding, but there was not the devastation seen when Hurricane Matthew passed over the southern part of the country last year. The clinic and our staff are safe. We remain concerned and pray for our neighbors on the nearby Caribbean islands and the United States who were so profoundly affected.

Hurricane Irma did cause a visit from a U.S. team planned for earlier this month to be postponed. This was to be a student trip, but American Airlines canceled all flights into Cap-Haitien during the timeframe of our planned mission, so the group was not able to travel. We are working to get this trip rescheduled. It appears that the issues were more about the Miami Airport where flights connect, rather than in Haiti.

In other news, we had several teams visit earlier in the year and they did a great job to support the clinic outreach. In January, a group traveled to Haiti to construct a new roof over the clinic and to install an x-ray system. The roof makes the building much more watertight, and also provides a covered area where staff and visiting teams can go to enjoy the shade and cooling breezes. In May a group returned to improve the electrical system for the clinic. We get occasional power from the city utility, and the battery/inverter system that was installed will greatly extend power to the building when the city does not generate. It also provides clean, stable power to the x-ray system. In July a visiting team supported outreach and a mobile clinic for the remote village of Acul-Samedi. We were able to provide treatment to hundreds of patients, and we saw many people accept Christ as Savior.

Many of you have sponsored children through our medical adoption program. We are grateful for the support you are giving these kids as this program brings a lot of stability to the clinic funding. If you're not yet sponsoring a child, be sure to visit http://www.haiticheri.org/sponsor to learn more. Some of our sponsors have dropped support due to credit card changes, or they initially supported by check and did not renew. If you're not sure your sponsorship is current, please drop us a note or give us a call, and we can be sure you're up to date. 

We're grateful for all of you. Please pray for Haiti.
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