We're building a home for 50 children in Haiti, and you can help!
January 25, 2016
Dear ProVia Partner,

Just over a year ago we shared an opportunity with you to partner with ProVia in constructing a 6,600 sq. ft. orphanage expansion in Haiti called “No Place Like Home” which will care for an additional 50 children. So much has happened this past year, and we are excited to give you an update! We had 3 primary goals for 2015:

  1. Raise Funds
  2. Collect Donated Building Materials
  3. Start Construction

Raise Funds
Through many people’s concerted and sacrificial efforts $256,000 has been donated towards the project! So many stories can be told about how God uniquely provided these funds. If you had a part in this, we are truly thankful for you!

People often ask how much more is needed to finish the project. It’s difficult to know the total amount that will be needed since we’re constructing in a foreign country, with so many unknown variables. However, we estimate an additional $224,000 will be needed. This amount takes into account the U.S. work teams that have indicated they would provide some of the labor.

If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation towards this project, please visit the orphanage’s secure Donate Page.

Collect Donated Building Materials
We are encouraged by the generosity of so many building products manufacturers. Here are the products that have been donated so far: windows, doors, beds, dressers, shower valves and faucets, LED light fixtures and bulbs, pex pipe and fittings, balcony railing, roof trusses, metal roofing, screws, soffit, cafeteria tables, solar water heater.

Two other items that we are seeking donors for are insulation (for the roof) and electrical wiring. If you, or someone you know is interested in donating these please contact me.

Start Construction
We broke ground in September. Local Haitian laborers were hired to dig and construct the foundation. In Haiti, this is a very manual process involving pick axes, shovels, wheel barrels, and a lot of muscle and sweat! Also, a new well was drilled and installed by Blue Ridge International. The next stage is, using local laborers, construct the block walls and  cement floors.

We hope to have the concrete work completed by late spring so that U.S. work teams can begin coming to Haiti this summer to install many of the products that were donated. This is a bit later than we originally hoped, but changing schedules seem to be par for the course when constructing overseas. 

Here are some photos of the foundation.

Follow the progress at the No Place Like Home Facebook page.

A special thanks to the many people who have contributed to the project this year. We look forward to seeing what God will accomplish in Haiti in 2016.

Joe Klink
Director of Corporate Relations - ProVia