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By: Dr. Oris Guillaume

A day before our last trip to Haiti, I found myself annoyed, languishing, and depressed after a terrible accident on I-575 on October 14, 2016 at 3:10 PM. A Ford-150 pickup truck smashed into the back of my car, causing me to crash to another car. As a result, I went to the emergency room for treatment. It was 12:45 AM when I left the room. Dan, my mission partner, and I were the only two men ready to take seven women abroad on a journey for the Lord. The clock was ticking; I had to fix my bag with significant back, neck, shoulder, head, and arm injuries. To God be the glory, I was alive. Yes, alive to give God glory one more time.
Lost and Found!
Although exasperated, and in anguish, I heard a voice say to me "why do you kept going back?" I fought against not going even if this was my last breath. If you love souls, you will always fight back to win lives. Sinners and poverty make me sicker than I was that afternoon because of the accident. On Wednesday October 19, 2016 while I was doing my personal devotion, I said to Lord repeatedly "Listen to my prayer, O God,  do not ignore my plea." (Psalms 55:1) I was praying for those who were lost to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Do you remember when you received the Lord as your Savior? Everyone deserves the same opportunity. I will never forget that day as I prayed for 27 people to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior in Acul Samedi. In total, 55 people received Christ during the mission. I quickly realized why God saved my life. He saved one life, so that 55 others could have eternal life. I give all the glory to God for saving my life and for rescuing that trip. As Dan posted on Facebook, "We keep a book in Cap-Haitian that is called 'Lost and Found'" where we record the names of those who receive Christ in Haiti. Yes, I too was lost and found by God. Haven't you been found?
You would have to agree that poorest people get sicker more often than others. In less than a day, we provided treatment for 157 patients in our Cap-Haitien mobile clinic. In the following three days, we saw 566 patients in the Acul-Samedi mobile clinic. Because of the recent hurricane, several had infectious diseases such tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, chikungunya, and rashes.
Folks, we need your help. Please continue to pledge. Dan and I will go to the far south in less than 3 weeks to bring our support to the people there. We need to raise more than $30, 000 to make the greatest impact. If reading this update makes you troubled for Haiti, help us fight back. Please go online to donate $25, $50, $75, $100, $1000 or more at .
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God bless you!
Dr. Oris Guillaume

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