Lord, when did we see you in prison?

Give to Win Souls

On Easter Sunday, April 9, our co worker Hubert fed 246 prisoners in Anse a Veau prison near his home. Hubert says, "My wife was up all night cooking the food." During a worship service and call to repentance 23 prisoners gave their lives to Christ!

Many of these men have not stood before a judge, nor do they know the charges against them. A recent report states that prisoners are receiving less than 600 calories a day; this is starvation diet.

God's provision to feed and the open door to minister to these men is a demonstration of His mercy and grace. Please continue in prayer for these men's new found relationship with Christ and for them to find justice; and pray for more prisoners to be saved.

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Staff Celebrate

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On April 5 we traveled safely from Ft. Lauderdale to Cap Haitian Haiti.

Our staff are rejoicing as we are at our return. Three drove from PaP in our flatbed truck loaded with supplies on Easter Sunday. After they left our PaP neighborhood a police operation killed 15 gang members; 3 officers were killed.

For 2 years, I sought God’s timing to relocate the truck & that perfect timing was one hour before the gun battle.

When Kenel, Jonas and Jeff, Jonas’s 17 year old son, arrived they asked, “Can we walk? We have been in the house for months because of gangs in the street.” They walked until sunset!

Michou's Healing

This is an excerpt from Yvonne's unpublished memoir of our first ten years in Haiti.

This is a true story of a true healing that brought an entire family to Christ.

Just yesterday while Joel was in the Cap Haitian Marche, Michou the girl, now 51 greeted Joel with hugs and kisses and told others, "It is because of him that I am alive today!"

In a subsequent meeting, Michou's testimony was recorded for our Creole Christian TV show La Bonne Nouvelle, the Good News. She remembers that Joel continued to visit her with bananas and peanuts to eat.

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My birthday!

Our Ministry

On Easter Sunday, I celebrated my 68th birthday. Yvonne made her famous chocolate cake and we spent a day at the beach planning our filming of two new episodes of La Bonne Nouvelle.

Once while walking a voodoo priest turned his back to me, a common reaction when the Holy Spirit is sensed. Suddenly he turned to face me and asked, “Are you on TV?”

When I responded positively, he said, “My children watch you.”

Haiti for Christ is ministering to witchdoctors, voodooists and their children!

Your prayers and financial support enable us to preach Good News to millions of Haitians every day. Your gift helps us to reach the lost and save a soul from hell! Give today.