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October 14, 2016   

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Dear friends of Child Foundation

A few days ago, on October 11th we celebrated International Day of the Girl Child. It is an important subject to reflect on since according to the United Nations, there are over one billion girls, part of a large and vibrant global generation who will take on the future; yet, they are facing major challenges such as discrimination, access to proper education, gender-based violence, forced child marriage, gender equality, etc.

Child Foundation believes by investing in girls' education - in times of peace and crisis - we empower them to reach for their dreams and build better lives for themselves and their families and communities. 

Education is fundamental to a girl's health, safety and rights and better future. More than 60% of children supported by Child Foundation are girls, and we continue our efforts to increase their numbers.

I invite you all to join us in supporting some of the girls we support. Please visit our children's waiting list and chose a girl to support today!

I also sent a message to Mr. Ant ó nio Guterres congratulating him as new Secretary General of the United Nations. We attach great importance to the cooperation between Child Foundation and the UN, in support of UN's struggle against challenges, including refugees situation. 

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend.

Peyman Raoofi. Psy.D.
President & CEO
Pictures: Children of Pakistani girl refugees who live in no man's land southern of Tehran p
Ahmad Nasirpour;

Help Haiti, Now!
The powerful hurricane, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, slammed into Haiti on Tuesday with 145 mile-per-hour (233 kph) winds and torrential rains that left 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.
More than thousand had been reported killed and more than 30,000 houses had been flatted. Several hundreds of thousands of people are hungry, scared and hopeless. They have no water, no shelter, and no food. In short, it is a total disaster.
Child Foundation is working in with a local trusted charity in south part of Haiti to bring much needed assistance to the victims. We are thus reaching out to you for assisting us to help these victims.
Previously, in 2010, Child Foundation helped Haitian children by donating more than $40,000 to rebuild schools. Again, we need your help to assist many children who are in need of basics.
Please donate generously to our Emergency Assistance Haiti Fund. The time is now.
Please donate generously to our Emergency Assistance Haiti Fund . The time is now.
Seyhoun Exhibition of Pediatric Patients' Paintings

Last week, the second International Festival of Pediatric Patients' Paintings was held in famous Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles.

More than 1300 children and adolescents, age of less than 18 years old, who were admitted in a hospital have participated by submitting artworks from over 30 countries. The reviewing committee nominated 32 paintings which were chosen for this showcase.

Mrs. Maryam Seyhoun, of Seyhoun Gallery said in her TV interview that this was one of the most enjoyable exhibition she ever had in her gallery and  was very much impressed by quality of the work. She added through art, we can help sick children feel better and become much stronger in fighting their illnesses. 

The exhibition was well attended and it was decided to extend it for another week.

Child Foundation cordially like to thank Mr. Maryam Seyhoun, Fereidoun Fariar, OCPC team, Farzan Hassani, Ali Mohajer, Mir Mohsen Salmanizadeh, and our wonderful volunteer including Nazanin and Elham to make this event possible.
Welcome New Sponsors, You Are All Amazing:
During the last two weeks, the following individuals have joined thousands of our sponsors who provide monthly assistance to children. 

We sincerely welcome them and at the same time warn them to prepare for many years of enjoying the wonderful feelings of helping a child achieve his/her dreams through education.  On behalf of children supported, we thank them for their kindness and generosities.
From the United States:
Abdi (TX), Ali (CO) 3 Ali (Utah), Ali (VA), Amiali (MA), Atessa (GA) 2 , Bahar (CA), Fahimeh (CA) 1 ,Farinaz (CA) 4 , Forough (CA),Ehsan (CA) 3 , Hamze (IA), Javad (CA), Mahboubeh (MA), Mina (CA), Mina (MD), Mitra (MI), Mimi (CA), Mojdeh (MA), Omeed (GA) 3 , Saman (MA),Samaneh (MA), Sara (CA), Tahereh (NJ), Zeinab (CA), ,
And from other countries:
Nazanin (France), Mina(Canada), Farzaneh (Canada), Azadeh (Italy), Farzaneh ( Switzerland) 3 , Mahnaz (Qatar) 2     
The red numbers show number of children they chose to sponsored.

My Name is Sama!

I'm Sama! I'm nine-year-old studying in second grade. My par ent divorced because of my father addiction, and my  mother was attacked by a  stranger  who threw acid on her face. 
We are struggling to get by, and I am in desperate need of assistance to continue my education.
Tabriz school
A generous lady donated a large piece of land to be used for building a school for children in need in Tabriz. 

Child Foundation has finished surveying the land and have blue prints ready.

For additional information, and to participate in this project, please visit our page here.

For Shaghayegh!
When Mahsa from Canada learned that the girl she is sponsoring (Shaghayegh) is having a hard time with her mother's illness, she decided to surprise them with a few gifts. A washing machine for mother and new cloths and school supplies for Shaghayegh.

Shaghayegh who lives in a Zabol in a touching letter thanked Mahsa and said you cannot imagine how happy our family is now. 
TV for Fatenmeh

Fatemeh who lives in outskirt of Shiraz is 13 years old and a very good student. Her old TV stopped working.
Her sponsor Ali from Texas send her a new TV for her birthday!
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