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August | 2021
From the President...
I am reaching out with mixed emotions today. While I am heartbroken that our summer program needed to end early, I am committed, as we all are, to effectively plan for the future. Some 0f our families have been directly and indirectly affected by this (including my own), but make no mistake, it has been very much felt by all of us.
As with all challenges, we will use this to grow and become stronger as an organization. Our unwavering commitment to our community remains – the families, staff and alumni that make up the fabric of Herzl and are part of the foundation of our 75 year history. We will continue to work on effective and timely communication as we assess and address all the identified issues.
Thank you to our community for your support, involvement, and for your part in helping make Herzl what it is today. 

Neil Fink
Herzl Camp Board President, Camper Dad, and Alum
What to do about Covid?
For the past 18 months, the entire world has been asking the same question: what should we do about COVID?
And we know, the answer has brought a mix of answers, emotions and ever-changing and elusive directions and guidance. The latest answer -- or answers -- have left us all feeling uneasy, confused, and in some cases, increasingly divided.
This latest camp season has likewise left many of us feeling confused and seeking answers. To sort this all out, here’s what we want everyone to know:  
Here’s what we know about COVID-19: We follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Wisconsin Department of Health and experts from the American Camp Association. We know guidance changes as conditions change, information changes, and data about COVID changes. We wish we had all the answers, could explain everything perfectly, and could let everyone know what is happening next. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has proven to be elusive and new and emerging variants have made navigating COVID-19 even more challenging.

And despite what we know and all the precautions we take, COVID-19 remains an ever-changing virus that continues to challenge us all. The goal for the camp season was to appropriately maintain our camp operations and contain the spread as best as possible. We know there are a wide variety of things that can disrupt containment of a virus and any time any one lets their guard down the virus will find a way to spread. Out of more than 500 campers and staff, there were 24 total confirmed cases tied to camp. We are disappointed camp ended early and will take what we know forward with us in coming seasons. 
Here’s what we could do better: Communicate. Communicate more. Communicate more quickly. Communicate more clearly.
We have learned that we can – and must – do better in communicating with you. For example, camp made changes to our operational procedures regarding staff when they were 'off duty' and we didn't communicate those changes. This did not live up to our pact with you, our families. We are committing to being better about considering the information and who it is important to. As a first step, we are now working consistently with outside communication professionals to deepen our communication bench and ensure our communication to our camp community is more clear, more effective, more timely and as up-to-date as possible.
In addition, we’re considering adding a camp community communications advisory group to help shape our ongoing camp communications. Getting insight and feedback from camp families and the community can help us meet communication expectations and be better communicators. We’re thinking through how this group could help us make sure our communications hit the mark for all our audiences. Stay tuned for more on this.
Here’s what we ask from everyone: As leaders at Herzl, our role is to provide the complete camp experience our campers, families, and the community expect. We ask everyone to think through how you can help us shape the type of experience you all want – from all vantage points. We ask everyone to grant us the latitude to do our best with what we know, and to understand that what we do is the best we know how to do with the challenges and opportunities before us.  
Search for a new executive director begins
While camp next summer might seem a long way off, Herzl operations are really a year-round endeavor and the formal search for our next executive director is underway. A working group of twelve people (below) are thinking through the qualities and attributes in a new camp leader and are embarking on the search process.

The working group includes a wide variety of people including several past presidents, past staff members, current and past camp parents, and members of our Foundation. We all know Gary has big shoes to fill but we will be able to tap into his insights as we find the right person to continue our traditions and lead us forward in new and exciting ways.
Search Committee Members
  • Jenna Budda, Camp Parent
  • Libby Finn, VP of Programming, Camp Parent
  • Neil Fink, Association Board President, Camp Parent
  • Jason Grais, Past Board Member, Camp Parent
  • Andy Halper, Past Camp Director
  • Ed Hoffman, Past President, Camp Staff Parent
  • Sue Roether, Past President, Camp Parent
  • Jeff Schachtman, Past President
  • Jim Segal, Board Secretary, Camp Staff Parent
  • Jim Shear, Foundation Board President 
  • Ellie Simon, Recent Camp Staff
  • Max Wolpert, Recent Camp Staff
A prayer for our community
In this week's parsha, Parashat Ki Teitzei, many different commandments are given to ensure that one behaves in a just and dutiful way. We are instructed to shoo away a mother bird so she doesn't see us taking her eggs from her nest. We are instructed to return an ox, a donkey, or a garment to someone who lost it, even if they live a great distance away. These mitzvot instruct us how to confront challenging situations head on with great care and compassion. 

It certainly is no secret that camp didn’t end as anyone wanted or intended. Now as we work to face this challenge with care and compassion, we recognize that this is a challenging situation for some and deeply painful for others. In the days following the closure of camp, our year-round team has been in regular communication with the families of our campers who tested positive for Covid-19. Those conversations drove home the impact on those campers who tested positive, and their families...The missed vacations, inability to hug family members when they came home from camp, the challenges of isolating with other children in the house, the worries about illness, and school, and family gatherings...

In following the lessons of Ki Teitzei, I offer a blessing to everyone in our community: those who tested positive for Covid-19; those families who were impacted by direct exposure; all of our campers and staff who had to leave camp earlier than they hoped; all the family and loved ones who were filled with fear and nervousness; I offer this prayer for you. 

May we be blessed as we go on our way. May we be guided in peace. May we be blessed with health and joy.

May we be sheltered by the wings of peace. May we be kept in safety and in love. May grace and compassion find their way to every soul.

May this be our blessing. Amen.

May all who find a part in our kehilah kedosha, our holy community, find the peace that our campers feel when they lay their head on their pillows each night while their staff sing them the Shema and Moon Song. May we all be guided by the peace and tranquility that our campers and staff members feel as they look over the Mercaz on a serene Friday night. May everyone, no matter their connection to our Herzl family be blessed with good health and happiness now that everyone, thank God, is recovering from any Covid symptoms they had. 

May Herzl Camp continue to always be a sukkat shalom, a shelter of peace for all who dwell on the shores of Devils lake. May every camper, staff member, parent and family member always, always, feel that their loved one is kept safe and loved while in our care. May those who are frustrated, angered, or disappointed find grace and compassion for our staff and volunteers as we work to rebuild trust and community moving forward. 

May this be our blessing. Amen. 
Registration for 2022 to open in October
While registration has been opening in August, it will be three summers since camp ran a "normal" camp schedule. Recognizing that our 2021 schedule had advantages and disadvantages, we are taking a little time to think through options before setting dates for 2022.

Program dates for 2022 will be released mid-September and registration will open in October.

Want to help?
Parents of first-time campers and future campers, take our 1-minute opinion survey. Our 2021 Taste programs were longer than our traditional first-time camper program. We'd like to get your opinion on future program lengths.
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Herzl Family News
ANNOUNCE... Send us your news! Weddings, engagements, births, and any other happenings in your life! Bonus: When you introduce us to your future Herzl Camper, we send them a Herzl bib. It's never too early to become a Herzl Camper!

Teddi Block
Sam and Jacki Block welcomed baby girl Teddi into their family on May 17, making their family complete! Big brothers and future Herzl campers, Max and Joey, are loving their new baby sister. Only a few more summers until all the Blocks will be back at Herzl!
Nora & Jack Goldberg
Sarah Mandel, former camper, Ozo and counselor, and Ilan Goldberg are thrilled to announce the birth of their twins, Nora and Jack Goldberg, born May 19, 2021. Remy (3) is excited for his new role as big brother. They all look forward to attending Herzl!
Reuben Max Winter
Reuben Max Winter made a surprise arrival on July 1! He thought he could come early and make it in time for Bikkurim. Parents Drea Lear and David Winter would like to point out that, contrary to popular belief, he was not born in the Marp! He can’t wait to actually get to experience camp next summer.
Shira Sigal Ranaan
Laura Sigal Ranaan and Alon Ranaan welcomed future camper Shira Sigal Ranaan on March 24,2021. The family resides in Afula Israel. Shira will be the fourth generation of Herzl campers in her family. She looks forward to spending summers with her American friends.
Charlie Alan Goldfine
Matt and Minda Goldfine are thrilled to announce the birth of their second little boy, Charlie Alan Goldfine, born Tuesday, July 6th, 2021. Charlie is already practicing his ga ga strategy for Herzl. Mason is excited and proud to be a big brother, on most days. 
Gloria Harper Goldfine
Lauren and Adam Goldfine welcomed their daughter, Gloria Harper on July 20, 2021. Gloria and her mom share the same birthday. Gloria can’t wait to be lifted up in the birthday chair at camp in 2029. 
Rose Diamond
Jamie and Joshua Diamond are thrilled to welcome Rose to their family. She made her arrival on June 20 (Father’s day!). She is very excited to be part of the Herzl family, Rose is already an expert at going in twos. We are working on the wearing the shoes part. 
Zahav David Shitvi
Anna Allen and Lior Shtivi welcomed their first son, Zahav David Shtivi, on July 1. Weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 22 inches long, Zahav is enjoying the endless snuggles, naps, and noshes.
Mari Prauer & Garrett Mutz Engagement
Garrett Mutz proposed to Mari Prauer in Skaneateles, NY in early July. Their wedding is planned for August 2022 in Syracuse, NY.
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