The Bay Area found to be leading the nation in outward migration and it's no surprise. The median home value in San Francisco is $1.37 million and $1.09 million in San Jose.
More than half of California's registered voters have given "serious" or "some" recent consideration to moving out of the state, according to a poll from UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies.

Twenty-four percent of the registered voters surveyed in the Berkeley IGS Poll said they had given "serious" thought to leaving, while another 28% said they have given "some" thought.

Asked why they are considering leaving, 71% of those polled pointed to the high cost of housing. Fifty-eight percent said high taxes may send them packing and 46% said they were concerned about the state's political culture.

"Concerns about the high cost of housing span virtually every demographic, regional and political subgroup of the state's registered voters," said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley IGS Poll, adding that younger voters were more likely to worry about the high cost of housing than voters over 65.

It's not just people fleeing the Bay Area - these businesses are leaving, too. 

Sixty-two percent also call homelessness a very serious issue for California.  It appears the housing and homelessness crises have led to a pessimistic outlook: 62 percent say the best days of living in California are behind them.

Nearly everyone cites the high cost of living as the primary reason they left. Others were looking for a slower pace of life, lower taxes, less traffic and more time with family.

There have been other signs of the California exodus. I
t was revealed that one of the most frequently Googled questions in California last year was "Should I move out?"

So why are Californians coming to Reno?
Easy: Bay Area homeowners sell their house, move four hours away and buy a bigger house in Reno for much less money.

 Then they work from home or a small office on a tech start-up or new business without much competition and enjoy all the outdoor amenities, light traffic and easygoing Western lifestyle Reno has to offer.

Kelly Richmond