A dvancement Board president Will Hemsworth recently announced that former school parent, Linda Griffith, has been chosen to be this year's Hall of Honors inductee.   Linda, and her husband Gerry, had three of their four children, Megan '08, Kyle '10, and Noel '14 graduate from Saints Peter and Paul after relocating from Michigan. Their oldest daughter, Carolyn, was already entering high school when they bought their Naperville home.
Linda is no stranger to the spotlight having received the Mike Simmons Good and Faithful Servant award in 2013. "During the nine years her children were enrolled in our school," observed former principal Frank Glowaty, "there were many times I feared Linda would need Tommy John surgery from repeatedly raising her hand to volunteer any time a committee, project, or program needed help."
Most parents would readily love to pitch in for any endeavor from which their children benefited. Linda readily admits she was fortunate to be in a position to consistently do so. She also credits her parents for the example they set for her and her siblings.  "I learned about service early in life from my parents, Ruth and Chuck Dow," she stated. "They were active leaders in the 4H program, and for years my mother was president of the League of Women Voters, of which my dad was the first male member ever." 

Both were elders in their Presbyterian church where her dad was also a deacon.  "We didn't just talk about inclusiveness, acceptance, and diversity," our honoree noted,  "but we regularly welcomed both international students, as well as students of color, to live in our home at a time in our society when it raised the eyebrows of some neighbors."
"I can still hear them tell my sister, brother, and I that "If you aren't willing to do your part to further a cause than you have no right to be critical of an organization or those that do respond to the call."
And respond to the call she did.
Starting with Fun Fair at the beginning of the school year and going through Timberlee, Day of the Dead bread baking, Secret Santa Breakfast and Shopping, Blessings, Kindergarten Round-Up, Auction, School play, Fish Fry, Fine Arts Festival, and Founder's Day, Linda could be found every year either chairing, greeting, serving, leading, baking, chaperoning, and/or monitoring in one form or another.
She was not only a volunteer, but one who willingly accepted leadership responsibilities as well. She was Home & School treasurer for four years, Auction co-chair in 2012 with her husband and Julie and Jamie Relihan, and Fine Arts Festival coordinator for four years.
A graduate of the Culinary Institute of New York, Linda is an outstanding baker who also received a degree from the University of Illinois-Champaign in Restaurant Management. "One of the best Christmas presents our faculty received each year were her homemade cinnamon bread and peanut butter cookies," remembers Pat Burson, our former school secretary. Her expertise in the kitchen was also on display during Back to School lunches, Teacher Appreciation Day, Parent-Teacher conferences, and throughout the holidays.
But it was her willingness to answer the call for assistance at all time which distinguishes her.  She was also just as generous with her time and talent at St. Francis High School where each of her children attended. At the Wheaton school she enjoyed a 3- year term as Treasurer of their Parents Club and spent another 3 years as president of that organization when it was renamed the Mother's Club.   In addition, she was a member of the Teacher Appreciation committee and also served as a small group leader on school retreats, leading prayer groups, and coordinating service projects.
In recognition of her dedication, loyalty, and years of service to our school, Linda Griffith will be inducted into our Hall of Honors at our annual dinner dance scheduled for Friday, April 20, at the Cress Creek Country Club.

    Volume 5, No. 21
     March 6, 2018 
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