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One week til Halloween! One week til Halloween! Getting so exciiiited! On Oct. 31, we're having a special all-day costume party, and if you're joining our Bike to Buddings challenge (Oct. 29 - Nov. 4), it's the perfect opportunity to dress up your ride! Add a broomstick and be a witch, dress up as a cowboy and ride a "horse," or whatever. It's fun, remember?

We're running our Early Booking Bonus this month, which means if you buy your November hours TODAY, you get a 3-hour bonus added to your account. And don't forget, if you're rolling hours over this month, there are a couple of new policies that may affect you. 

Plus, we're super thrilled to announce the launch of our new Flexible Preschool Program, starting in January 2013. We're looking for some family input for some of the details, but it's definitely happening, and members can get priority placements. 

Obviously, we can chat about all that when we see you at the Clothing Swap this weekend, but you can also find all the details below. Obviously. :)
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Flexible Preschool Program
Know you interns
Kids' Clothing Swap - Oct. 27
Spooky Bike to Buddings Challenge
The Twice a Week Plan
Rolling Hours - Policy Change Reminder
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Flexible Preschool Program - Launching January 2013


Buddings is pleased to announce the launch of our new preschool program, starting in January 2013. Registration opens on Nov. 1, and there will only be 16 spots available. 

We're putting together an awesome curriculum encompassing all the things kids love best about Buddings, with arts and crafts, music, and science, plus a special daily segment on letters and literacy, and a structured format to prepare kids for kindergarden and beyond. Of course, the environment, and appreciation for nature will be part of every lesson.
Flexibility is still the Buddings staple, and we're pleased to offer two different options to make sure our preschool program suits the whole family. Find the details on our website.

Sound interesting? Have questions? Join our family input focus group! We're looking for family input on a few of the final details, and if you want to complete a short survey, we'll even put your name at the top of the list if you decide to enroll your child!
Interns in 'da house! 
So, last newsletter, when we said there would be an intern-oriented quiz, we weren't kidding! If you actually did check out their profile pages, you can visit our Facebook page for the opportunity to show off your knowledge. The girls are all creative types, and if you get all 3 questions right, you could win a Melissa & Doug Art Easel. 


Clothing Swap Info
Feel free to bring a friend, too! If they sign up and buy a package, you get a 3-hour bonus! 
So much going on in October!


When the weather gets foul, things usually wind down but that's just not the case this October! Our Clothing Swap kicks things off on Saturday, but then we're running our Bike to Buddings challenge for the week from Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, and it includes our favourite daycare day of the year: Halloween!! 

If you haven't booked in for an hour or two on the last day of the month, you should get on it! It's an all-day costume party, with tricks and treats, and lots of games and fun! KIDS COME IN COSTUME! Ride your bike in costume! Why not do everything in costume for a day? You have a kid, it's the perfect excuse. Might as well add that it is also the last day of the month, so if you have extra hours, this is the perfect time to use them.

Get the Most from Buddings: the Twice a Week Plan

It's already the 24th of the month, which means that if you buy your November hours TODAY, you'll get a 3-hour bonus. If you know you'll be in next month, why not?

But when you get to the Packages Tab, you're going to notice a slight change. The 20 hour and 30 hour packages have been amalgamated, and the new option - Buddies Package - is 24 hours for $400. That's almost $1 cheaper per hour than the old 20 hour package! 

It's because we've been noticing some big differences among kids who attend more often. They adjust more quickly, have more friends, and they complete more projects. Our new Twice a Week Plan is about bringing you the best of Buddings. So if you're normally a 10 hour/month family, think what you could do with some extra time, for sure, but know too that bringing your children in twice a week gives them more socialization, more projects, and more playing.

Spot Light


You might have a few different places you go to for parenting information, and we think that's great. But we'd like to add one more to the list. is a collection of blogs (Canadian, no less) with a great variety of perspectives, and you should def check out their Halloween features!

Policy Changes to Rolling Over Hours
You should have received a copy of our updated Parent Handbook last week, with some revisions to rolling hours, inactive accounts, and our Twice a Week Plan. If you are a current member and haven't received it, please contact Talia. 

All the revisions came into effect in Oct., and since the new month is about to begin, if you will be rolling hours, please make note of the following conditions:

1. Free hours can only be rolled if a package was also purchased.
2. Rolled hours can only be rolled again if a package was also purchased.
3. Rolled hours are activated when the invoice is paid within the month. Unpaid hours will be lost. 

If your account has been inactive for more than 2 months, you will be contacted this week about your membership level. Feel free to give Lawrence a call at 604-569-3951 if you are wondering what the next steps are.
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