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October 18, 2017 

  Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.

~Robert A. Heinlein
What's Happening at The Arc Dane County
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The Arc Dane County Presents:
Making a Critical Choice:
What You Need to Know About The Family Care/IRIS Enrollment Process
October 19

The Arc Dane County has teamed up with multiple agencies who serve our community of people with disabilities to answer questions about the transition to Family Care/IRIS. 
You will learn about:
  • The role of the ADRC
  • A real family's experience
  • How Options Counseling works
  • Being an effective advocate in the new system
  • Your rights in FC/IRIS

Mark your Calendars
Thursday, October 19th
Choose the time that works best for you
10:30am - NOON or 6:30pm - 8:00pm

If you are affected by the change to Family Care/IRIS, we hope to see you at this very special seminar.
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Upcoming  Events
The Arc National Events
Volunteers Needed For Fun & Dancing!
The Arc's Annual Halloween Costume Party is coming up soon.  WE NEED HELP.  We are seeking volunteers to enjoy the party, dance with the attendees and keep things moving smoothly.
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Pooley's, 5441 High Crossing Blvd, Madison
Volunteers are needed from Noon to 5:00p.m.
(even if you can be there for only a portion of the time, we could use your help)
Dance takes place from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Volunteers are needed for:
  • Registration
  • Food Distribution Table 
  • Clean up 
  • Socializers
Please contact John Leemkuil if you are available to volunteer at  Join the fun and be ready to enjoy music, dancing, munchies, pizza, & door prizes. 
City of Madison Public Hearing on Proposed Reductions in Paratransit Services  
Thank you to those of you who showed up last Tuesday and either spoke or registered against proposed cuts to paratransit services next year related to:
  • Elimination of "leave attended rides," where a driver accompanies the rider until he/she is safely with support staff or family.
  • Makes all rides "curb-to-curb" meaning a rider is dropped off at the curb.
  • Service to assist people "door-to-door" will have to be approved on a person-by-person basis.
  • Eliminates convenience tickets. All fares will have to be paid in cash or with an "agency ticket."
In attendance were many individuals in wheelechairs who described how paratransit is a direct line to work and participating in the community through social and volunteer activities.    

There was much appreciation expressed to the city for its long standing commitment to make disabled people a part of our community.  In return, paratransit services is one of the key reasons the Dane County employment rate of persons with disabilities is at 68 percent compared to 2 percent for other counties.  
The room was not as packed as we had hoped but there is still another opportunity to make your voices heard.  A city committee is set to vote on a recommendation on November 5th.  The Madison City Council is expected to vote on this issue on November 12th.   
Please consider sending an email to your Alder and tell them why paratransit is important to you and how devastating it would be to have services cut.  Click here to find your Madison Alder. 
Use specific examples to make your points. Remember, you are the expert when it comes to your life and how important transportation is to you. Your personal experience should be the focus of your message. You are not expected to be an expert on public policy or have the solution to difficult issues. 
Here are some sample points to share on the phone or include in an email:
  • My name is (name) and I live in (Madison neighborhood). I (or my
  • son/brother/daughter/sister/etc.) receive (vocational/residential) services.
  • I am concerned about the reductions in paratransit services because...Give a personal reason here.
  • I/my son/daughter uses paratransit to....
  • With these reductions, I am worried my son/daughter/I won't be able to...
    • keep his/her/my current job
    • Continue to live in his/her/my apartment or home
    • Continue to enjoy the community activities in which I/he/she am currently involved
  • I appreciate that Madison Metro has worked hard to keep the reductions at a minimum. But I urge the City Council and the Mayor to restore these cuts. My/my son's/my daughter's access to a full life is at risk and the City's investment in these services is critically important.
Sibling Scene
The role of a sibling in the life of a person with an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) is as complex as it is meaningful. Many of us at The Arc know firsthand what it is like to grow up with a family member with I/DD. We understand and share the vision you have for a healthy, full, and independent life for your sibling. 

The Arc is Here to Support You
The Arc recognizes that siblings play an important role in the lives of their brother or sister with I/DD. Join The Arc's email list to receive the Sibling Scene quarterly e-newsletter to learn from other siblings and to stay informed of the latest resources, events, and policy developments. We are here to support you in this sibling journey and to prepare you to be a better advocate for your family!

How to Access Waisman Center Outreach
Services in Family Care/IRIS/Partnership
During this transition to Family Care/IRIS Many individuals, family members/guardians, and support staff have been receiving services through one
or several of the Waisman Center Outreach Programs:
  • Community TIES (Behavior Consultation, TIES Clinic, Rhythms program)
  • WIN (Wellness Inclusion Nursing)
  • Community Training & Consultation
  • LOV-Dane
There are many questions about what will happen to these services in Family Care/IRIS/Partnership and what you can do to make sure that these services will be available.

Support brokers are likely assisting you to develop a Personal Profile document that includes a summary of the support services you currently receive. This document should be helpful during your enrollment counseling but also when you meet with your Family
Care/Partnership Care Manager or IRIS consultant to review and plan your future supports. Your service plan (Family Care/Partnership) or IRIS (service) plan needs to include all the support services you need to accomplish the goals listed in your plan. Services need to be listed in the plan (and authorized) before the provider can be paid and you can use them.

For help answering any questions, please consider attending this informational event.
Monday, October 30, 2017 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
122 E. Olin Ave., Ste. 100 Madison, WI

Thank You For Your Support
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