Save on Storage Space with these Halloween Decoration Ideas
Hello friends,

Fall is here and along with it, the changing of the leaves, a certain crispness in the air and the certainty that Halloween candy will soon be 50% off. 

While there are a lot of unknowns this year, there is one tradition that we predict will persevere - Halloween decorating! 

Halloween is such a fun holiday, and big stores like to tempt us with low-priced plastic items. But it can be a BIG commitment to organize and store those things all year round, especially due to their often bizarre shapes. (Have you ever tried to fit a human-sized skeleton in a 20 gallon bin?? We have.)

Since we’ve all been working hard to declutter this year, we recommend using the decorations you’ve decided to keep, and then adding to them with some natural and recycled decorating items to get in the spirit.

Autumnal Decorating Materials

These materials will help you enjoy the season and can all be composted afterward! Place them in bowls or vases around the house or on the porch.

  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Cornstalks
  • Apples
  • Leaves
  • Baskets
  • Pinecones
  • Flint corn
  • Wheat stalks
  • Squash
  • Nuts

Simple Recycled DIY Decorations

Another great way to avoid storing decorations is to repurpose items you already have. Most of these can be found around the home and recycled or returned where they belong afterward.

  • Make a scarecrow out of old clothes you’ve got around the house, stuffed hay from a hay bale.
  • Make a ghost out of an old bedsheet with construction paper eyes. If you have one, add an LED light to the head so that it glows.
  • Fill glass jars with oddities to make fake lab specimens or potions and spells.
  • Create tombstones made from cardboard. Personalize them and have fun with it!
  • This spooky yet sophisticated apothecary was found from things around the house! 
  • Skip the packaged, polyester spider webs from the store by making your own. Pull apart a length of cheesecloth or cotton batting to create the creepy cobweb look, or weave a design from natural-fiber string for a more distinct web. NOTE: Keep in mind that birds can fly into any kind of fake spider web material. Take care to place them closer to the house and not in trees. 
Stay safe and spooky everyone!

Missy and the Team
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