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Happy Fall!

Dear City School Families,

We are busily getting ready for Halloween Enchantment! Look below for more information on how to get involved! It is a great time to earn community hours and have fun!

Our fall weather has been hot and cold and everything in between. Please make sure students are wearing layers, so they can stay comfortable throughout the day.


Sarah Northrip

Upcoming Events
Parenting Circle with Sharyl Henry 10/20, 1-2:30 in Class 2 Room

2 Pumpkins per Child  Due 10/24

Halloween Enchantment Pre-sale begins 10/18  

Fall Crafting 10/19, 10/26, 9 AM  

Empty Lost and Found 10/28 3 PM
Claim your items before then!

Halloween Enchantment Decorating 10/28 3 PM

Halloween Enchantment Sat 10/29, 5-9

Next Scrip Order 11/1, 3 PM

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Lost and Found
Don't forget to check the lost and found right outside the school office. Items are usually emptied on the 1st of the month, but this month we need everything cleared by the 28th to get ready for our magical Halloween Enchantment.

Anything unclaimed will be donated, so make sure to reclaim your wonderful sweaters, hats, water bottles, etc before then.
Halloween Enchantment

Halloween Enchantment planning is well underway. Perhaps you have already begun working with your class on your assigned story or section of the festival or you will learn more at a class meeting soon. See Adrienne Quarry or Jenn Felch for projects and community hours opportunities.

The week before Halloween Enchantment, students carve pumpkins, which are used as decoration at the festival.

Each student must bring 2 pumpkins by Monday 10/24. these will be carved by students in the grades, but Early Childhood parents should bring pumpkins as well. We need lots of pumpkins to light the way on our path and decorate our festival!

Speaking of decorations, the upper grades are in need of a fog machine for their haunted house. If you have one to lend, please contact the school office at (818) 776-0011 or email info@thecityschoolla.org.

Halloween Enchantment Crafting

 Wed. 10/19, and 10/26, 9 AM

After drop off, come make items for Halloween Enchantment.

Build community while you earn your volunteer hours!

Beginners and experienced crafters welcome!

All materials and instructions provided.  

Can't come Wed. morning but want to contribute to the pocket fairy?

Email sspgh@aol.com                                                

First Aid/CPR Workshop
Do you know what to do in an emergency? Are you interested in being better prepared?

We are planning a workshop for parents, but space is limited. Email today and help us create a safe, prepared community.

Want in? Email us!
Spotlight on the Grades:
Grade 2
  The second grade began the year strongly in the Michaelmas mood. We spent a little time working with a review of what was learned in first grade. I was inspired by how articulately they were able to share favorite lessons! The class worked on a few Form Drawings, and then dove right into the story of “Saint George and the Dragon”. The children were excited to work this story into our first class play! Both the children and I were delighted to share our play at the start of the school’s Michaelmas celebration and enjoyed the challenges afterwards!

Second grade is now working in a Math block; recalling the four math processes, as well as how to count by various numbers. The children are learning to shift the work they did last year on skip-counting into our multiplication tables. I am overjoyed by their enthusiasm, and look forward to all the learning we will accomplish this year!
-Rebecca Hendel
Lemonade Stand

Thursdays after school, 2:30-3

Class 7 is busy saving for their 8th grade trip and you can help! Simply stop by and enjoy a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade, popcorn, or a delicious baked treat. Items are $1 each.

Parenting Circle with Sharyl Henry

This is a Waldorf education and parenting circle using the books Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline, both by Kim John Payne, as a core focus.  Topics of interest regarding Waldorf education are included and the specific interests of the parents involved in the circle are always taken into consideration.

Sharyl has been connected to Waldorf education for over 30 years, first as a parent and later working in the Waldorf nursery and kindergarten classes.  Creating a Waldorf home environment while raising her three children has been an important focus in her life.  She has an associate of arts degree in early childhood development, has worked in the Los Angeles Unified School District's high school "Careers With Children & Parenting" program.  Also Sharyl has led Waldorf reading and discussion groups and Waldorf parenting circles and has taken classes and seminars over the years at Steiner College in Sacramento. 
Btw... she's also the proud parent of our beloved kindergarten teacher, Kayti Henry!!!

Please RSVP to jenndc@sbcglobal.net.
Next Scrip Order on Tues. 11/1 

At shopwithscrip.com you can view all of the vendors that participate in this program.  This is one of the easiest ways for our school to earn money on purchases you intend to make throughout the month. It costs you nothing!

If you'd like to place an order this month, just email the vendor's name and the amount to info@thecityschoolla.org (i.e. "I'd like $200.00 worth of Whole Foods") and drop your check off in the office.  Pretty easy.

Need more information? Send an email or flag me down me on campus. 

Thanks so much for your support of our school!

If you need help with your account or want more information, just email the school and Sarah will be happy to assist you.
Community Forum

 11/1, 3 PM (if requested)

The College of Teachers are eager, ready and interested to entertain questions and receive comments from the parents of our school community, and have scheduled the first Tuesday of every month at 3 PM in the Assembly Hall for this purpose.  

Kayti Henry (College Chair) needs to receive an RSVP at mskayti@valleywaldorf.org or a call the school office at (818) 776-0011 with agenda items no later than the Friday preceding the first Tuesday of the month.  

The deadline for submitting agenda items for the October meeting is 10/28. 

Sycamore Hollow

Our school store is located just off the lunch patio.

Come see our enchanting selection of books, toys, seasonal decorations, and much more! 

Hours:  Mon. and Wed. 3-3:45

             Tues. and Thurs. 2:30-3:15

              Fri. closed  

-Kira Taylor