OCPAC Weekly Insights

1. This week at OCPAC: Charlie Meadows, Halloween, and Democrats

Hear Charlie explain why it is strategic to vote for two particular Democrats.

Join us from noon to 1 PM at the Wilshire Gun Range .
2. Pageant Winner Aiya Kelley

3. How Modernity Shrouds World History by Bob Linn

4. SOONER POLL: Bill Shapard's Amazing Analysis Last Week

5. The Importance of Voting for Stitt for Governor

6. Weekly email FAQ's
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1. OCPAC this Wednesday, Oct.
31st at The Range Cafe :
Charlie Meadows Presenting

This coming OCPAC meeting is on Wednesday, October 31 (Halloween). The scary part is that our founder and President emeritus, Charlie Meadows, will address OCPAC and advocate we vote for two democrats. This, because our Republican candidates are so far left they are simply Democrats who have infiltrated the Republican ranks.

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner
Evidence for this is easy to come by. Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s Labor Commissioner, Leslie Osborn, scored a 21% on the Conservative Index Her political ideology was pointed out by OCPAC’s conservative friend, Cathy Costello, during the campaign for commissioner.

Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Education
Republican Candidate for Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Education, Joy Hofmeister, likes the leftist ideology of placing our very young in government schools as our good friends at OCPA have pointed out. OCPA has also pointed out that Hofmeister is against the concept of educational choice .

This Wednesday at OCPAC’s noon meeting. We meet at the Wilshire Gun Range Café .
2.  Aiya Kelley
Aiya Kelley will also join us this Wednesday to express her appreciation for the role OCPAC played in her campaign. Aiya and her husband, George, live in Guthrie. She won the Mrs. Oklahoma Regency International 2018 pageant and is a gifted vocalist and pianist. Earlier this year, the Edmond Sun noted her achievement. All of this and her vibrant personality will serve her well as she seeks to continue to play a part to help us transform Oklahoma’s political and cultural landscape.

3. Modernity Has Shrouded World History by Bob Linn
Forces opposed to Biblical thought have obscured our perspectives about life quite deeply. The Word of God assures us this is only a temporary condition, though currently the ungodly carry the day in the most prominent areas of American culture. This includes the news media, entertainment, education, and government. Regrettably, we have allowed these ungodly influences access to the Church as well. For these reasons, the one day in history which did more than any other day in the past 500 years to define Western Civilization has been shrouded in tapestries ranging from the silly to the demonic. 

I am speaking, of course, of October 31.  It is Reformation Day, next in importance to Christmas and Easter in the unfolding of the past 500 years of human history. This day laid the foundation for the Pilgrims, but its importance lies camouflaged with Halloween traditions.

When, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, he had no idea the work God was doing. Through him, all of Europe would be transformed theologically, politically, ecclesiastically, and culturally. The seed he planted would establish thirteen Christian colonies across the Atlantic. Out of that foundation developed the world’s leading economic, political and military power. Its churches would send unprecedented numbers of missionaries carrying the Word of God to the world.

Encyclopaedia Britannica states that “ Martin Luther is assuredly one of the most influential figures in Western civilization during the last millennium.”  Christianity Today states that, “It has been said that in most libraries, books by and about Martin Luther occupy more shelves than those concerned with any other figure except Jesus of Nazareth.”  A very nice video presentation of Luther’s impact on Western Civilization can be found on “Wretched” , a Christian radio and TV broadcast. 

The life you and I know today has been shaped, in part, by what Martin Luther did 501 years ago on October 31. Phillip Schaff in volume VII of his History of the Christian Church , states on page 736, “ … he is the greatest man that Germany produced, and one of the very greatest in history.”

May we see more like him in our day as we pray for a transformed church and a transformed culture. May God bless us with men who will stand in the public square and affirm to the world that, "Jesus is Lord"!

Statue of Martin Luther in front of Frauenkirche.
Dresden, Germany

4. Bill Shapard of SOONER POLL was outstanding last week .
Last week, Bill Shapard gave some amazing insights into audience analysis and the state of the Gubernatorial race as well as the state of the Union. Regrettably, the video chip was lost. We hope to replicate some of the key portions of Bill's research. We will let you know if we are able to achieve that.

Bill did note that when we listen to Bill Clinton (years ago) talk tough on border control , Hillary Clinton (years ago) talk tough on border control and the need for a wall , it is clear that the Democrats today now realize they are losing the American voter and must instead open the borders to replace the votes they are loosing. The shift in their message is because of a shift in their voting ranks.

5. We need to Vote and Recruit Others to Vote for Stitt
SOONER POLL shows Stitt is leading in the race, but only by a few points. Our political enemies are working hard and we must not sit this one out!

Kevin Stitt is not chained to political insiders and he holds the Biblical values inherent in America’s foundations. If we're to build a red wall in Oklahoma, it is our responsibility to help make him our next Governor.  
Call all your Christian conservative patriotic friends!
Don't be out-worked by this three-year-old!
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