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Halloween Sale!

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We know you will love our products and we want you to give them a try! That's why we are giving a once a year 20% off Wiefit Nutrition products!

When it comes to Personal Training, our prices are 1/2 the price of Big Box gyms, and our Trainers have 10x the education and experience. It's unheard of to pay less than $50 an hour for a Trainer with the Education and Experience our Wiefit Trainers possess. With this sale, our prices start as low as $26!

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  • Our new Reformulated Carb Cycle Bars! Perfect for in between meals or as a meal replacement!
  • Free-T-Up (this includes our "Buy 2 and Get one free! That comes to under $31 a bottle, which is normally $55 a bottle. Increase energy, libido, strength, and focus!
  • TripleGH! Increase Growth Hormone by up to 400% (Anti-aging hormone). Feel Great and look your best!
  • Jackpot Fat Burners (curb appetite and increase all day energy)!
  • Wiefuel Pre Workout! Energy lacking for your workouts? This is the perfect Pre-Workout. Train like never before!
  • Our TOP SHELF Protein (amazingly great taste!). Perfect for between meals or as a meal replacement.

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S4 Soccer Skills Training!

With the fall season wrapping up, use these winter months to develop your child's skills to help stand out! Our focus is to make your child the best dribbler on the field!).

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  • All Beverly Products!

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Sale Ends Wednesday, November 1st!

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Take 20% off FREE-T-UP!
If you purchase our "Buy 2 get 1 bottle free"2 bottles,
each bottle will only be a little more than $30 per bottle.

Just a follow-up note to let you know how much FREE-T-UP has helped my wife and me. We are both sleeping so much better. We are both enjoying the little things again like yard work, taking walks together, and a cup of coffee on our back porch weekend mornings! I know half of my increased energy is because FREE-T-UP is helping me sleep better, but I definitely can tell a sense of well-being that I haven't felt for 20 years (I know I'm using your words, but it's exactly what happened!). Hopefully all the people I have told about FREE-T-UP have come to buy some because we have spread the word! Thanks again for all your help, and developing such an incredible product! See you in a couple weeks".
-Ron Anderson