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Vol. 12, Issue 1 (November 24/11)
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WIN Hamilton to go public
Work Force Check-up Results
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Update: Youth Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Development Strategy


Wondering where your workforce is coming from in the future?  Youth will continue to be a crucial part of the labour market.  

Key stakeholders met on October 27th and November 3rd to consider the development of a youth strategy for Hamilton.


The following priorities  were set for the next six months (November 2011-April 2012).

Attraction: * Enhance communications by tapping into and augmenting current efforts 

Retention: * Engage business to create internships/part time/full time job opportunities and entrepreneurial supports
* Promote Hamilton's unique characteristics 

Engagement: * Engage the youth voice regarding attraction, retention, engagement and development
* Develop an inventory of services and participation opportunities for youth 

Development: * Develop a youth continuum pathway identifying the steps along the way, who is currently providing supports and what is needed.  Include different profiles of youth by age, segments and Hamilton context.


Watch for a final report to be released in January 2012.  Check out our Quick Links box (on left side of the page) for links to HTAB's previous youth projects.

Win Hamilton site to go public


win hamilton logoThe Workforce Information Network (WIN) Hamilton is a site that was developed by the Skills Development Flagship, and is operated by HTAB.  WIN Hamilton offers a comprehensive list of local employment, training, and upgrading programs, complete with maps and contact information.  Up until now the site was able to be assessed only by service providers who added their program information and who had registered for the site.  In the very near future WIN Hamilton will be a public site, open to job seekers and community members.  Stay tuned for more information!

Work Force Check-up Results for November 2011
The results of this month's Workforce Check-Up revealed that the majority of employment change in Hamilton occurred in the manufacturing industry and in Health care/social assistance.
* Thirteen industries are represented in this month's survey. The top five industries based on number of participants include: manufacturing, other services (except public administration), health care and social assistance,construction, and retail trade.
* Respondents of this month's survey reported a total of 45 jobs created, both full and part-time, while 15 jobs were lost, for a net gain of 30 jobs.
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