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As school returns to session, we have many updates regarding the Hamilton Canal Innovation District! We humbly ask you to bear with us as projects progress and we do our best to mitigate traffic impacts. Most importantly, we request you to take extra precaution as students return and traffic increases.
New Work Hours on Thorndike Street

With school in session, work hours on Thorndike Street will be limited from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays. Between those hours, one lane will still be closed to complete the final work on the traffic equipment, electrical infrastructure, and other final touches. Please continue to anticipate delays on Thorndike between the Gallagher Terminal and YMCA Drive, and seek alternate routes if possible.
The contractor expects final paving to begin in a number of weeks, with an expected completion of the entire project by late fall. We'll keep you updated on traffic impacts and schedule.
Construction crews install new curbs with a new streetlamp in background.
Hamilton Canal Innovation District Infrastructure Progresses

The contractor is making great progress on the HCID site, having recently installed a retaining wall and continuing work on footings for both the Signature Bridge and the new sidewalk bridges over the Merrimack Canal. The next major work will be the installation of the bridges themselves, which will progress over the coming weeks, with installation of the structural steel for the signature bridge expected to begin mid-October. We'll share more information as that work draws closer, but in the meantime, catch a special presentation on LTC News, Channel 8, next Thursday, Sep 6, 6:00 pm or various times everyday for two weeks thereafter. It will also be posted on Facebook.
Bridge abutments under construction for the Signature Bridge.
Construction workers building the retaining wall.
Lowell Walks

Thanks to Claire Ricker for leading one hundred community members on a tour through the Hamilton Canal Innovation District. We love answering questions! Please don't hesitate to send any questions about the plans for the area to
Chief Design Planner Claire Ricker leading a tour.
Swamp Locks gatehouse and new Lowell Justice Center under construction.
Lord Overpass Project

Finally, we have had many questions about the Lord Overpass project. The project is nearing 100% completed design, with only minor details to be worked out in the coming weeks. Once design is finalized, the City intends to advertise the project for bid and expects the contractor to mobilize in late winter for construction in 2019 and 2020.
The project will fill in the overpass to create a boulevard with four vehicular lanes in each direction, a dedicated busway, and sidewalks on both sides separated from the road by a green buffer (sidewalks are colored yellow in the above illustration). In addition, separated bicycle tracks will be placed between the sidewalk and the roadway, with crossings at Summer, Appleton/Chelmsford, Middlesex, and a new intersection at an extended Jackson Street.
Our traffic engineers believe this will create a more comfortable environment for all modes of transportation and a stronger multimodal link between Gallagher Terminal, the Hamilton Canal Innovation District, and downtown. We are also looking ahead to a future project to add a lane to the entrance ramp to the Lowell Connector and have provided a conduit between all intersections so that lights along Thorndike Street can be synchronized to reduce congestion.  There is a detailed phasing plan that will allow traffic to continue moving through the Overpass during its reconstruction.
Next Tuesday, September 11, 6:30 pm, you can view a presentation given to the City Council in City Hall or on LTC Channel 99, and as the project progresses, we will continue to provide updates on this mailing list and other channels. Please let us know the best ways to reach you and people you know.
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If you ever have any questions about the District or construction in the area, please email  or call (978) 674-4252.
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