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We have important news about traffic impacts related to the Hamilton Canal Innovation District infrastructure project. In addition, we have exciting announcements about the Parking Garage and Lord Overpass.
The concrete curb of the bridge leading into the Hamilton Canal Innovation District will soon have a steel crash barrier installed on top.
Lane Closures at Broadway and Dutton

Daily, during working hours please expect delays at the intersection of Broadway and Dutton. Major utility work has started and will continue over the next month. This will usually result in one lane being closed. However, two-way traffic will be maintained at all times and lanes are expected to be re-opened each day by the 5:00pm rush hour, whenever possible. This utility work and final paving is expected to be completed in early May.
Parking Garage Milestone
Future site of the Hamilton Canal Innovation District (HCID) Garage.
The City is excited to announce  Shawmut Design & Construction has been selected to manage the HCID Parking Garage project. Already, the management company has developed an aggressive schedule, including site work such as earth moving and utility relocation that will start in the month of July or August.

Shawmut is also working closely with the City on alterations to the parking garage design that will make it more affordable. The largest changes will be the elimination of one underground level and making each level slightly shorter, in order to add an additional above ground level. The redesign's goal is to lose as few spaces as possible while staying as close to the form-based code requirements as possible and maintaining the high architectural quality of the original design.
Finalizing the Design of the Lord Overpass

Finally, VHB, Inc. is completing the final construction drawings for the Lord Overpass project. The concept was discussed and vetted by the community through 20 public meetings and the engineer has since been working on details such as locating the utilities and creating drawings for the retaining walls and railings. The City expects that the construction drawings will be complete in the next several weeks. The City hopes to advertise the project in May. Because of a lengthy contracting and mobilization process, construction would not begin until the fall, depending on weather conditions.

The contractor will be expected to provide a traffic management plan and the City will share those updates as soon as it has them.

The new Lord Overpass will have roughly the same vehicular capacity as the current junction but it will have new advantages of allowing right and left turns into the Hamilton Canal Innovation District at Jackson Street, dedicated bus/emergency vehicle lanes, easier and more comfortable pedestrian crossings into downtown, separated bike paths connected to the multi-use trail at South Common, and synchronized traffic signals.
Concept for Lord Overpass project.  Thorndike Street will remain open for two-way traffic through the entire project, but have several lanes closed.
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