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September 22, 2015
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John H. Bui
Water Production Superintendent
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Director of Public Utilities/General Manager
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Energy Management & Utility Business Services
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City of Hamilton Water Once Again Named "Best of the Best"
Hamilton, Ohio -  At the Annual Conference of the Ohio Section of the American Water Works Association (OAWWA), held last week in Columbus, OH, the City of Hamilton's Water won the "Best of the Best" Water Taste Test, as the best tasting municipal water in the State of Ohio.  The City of Hamilton Water was selected from a total of twelve entries in this year's statewide competition.
By winning the Ohio "Best of the Best" Water Taste Test, the City of Hamilton will represent Ohio at the annual "Best of the Best" Water Taste Test, at the AWWA's 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition.
Winning international, national and regional awards is becoming commonplace for the City of Hamilton Water System.  Earlier this year as well as in 2010, the City captured the Gold Medal for producing the Best Tap Water in the World at the Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.  In 2009 and 2014, respectively, the City won the Gold and Silver Medals for producing the Best Tap Water in the U.S. at the Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, in Berkeley Springs, WV.  The Berkeley Springs competition, the oldest and largest water tasting competition in the world, with entrants from across the globe, is aptly known as the Olympics of Water. 
Additionally, City's Water System has won the "Best of the Best" Water Taste Test at the Annual Conference of the Ohio Section of the AWWA for the last four consecutive years and five of the last six years.
John Bui, Water Production Superintendent for the City, stated, "This year's award by the Ohio Section of the AWWA, as well as our outstanding performance in this competition over the last six years, is a testament to the consistent quality of water that the City produces, and the excellence and diligence of all of the employees of the City's Water System.  The citizens of Hamilton and the City Administration are proud of these employees as well as the invaluable water resource they provide."
Bui continued, "The AWWA is the authoritative resource for knowledge, information and advocacy to improve the quality and supply of water in North America and beyond.  The AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world.  AWWA advances public health, safety and welfare by uniting the efforts of the full spectrum of the entire water community.  Through its collective strength, AWWA members become better stewards of water for the greater good of the people and the environment.  The Ohio Section of the AWWA was created to support the AWWA in its role as the leading force in the world dedicated to safe drinking water."
The City obtains its water from the Great Miami Aquifer, one of the finest sources of water in North America.  The City employs 21 deep wells to draw the water from the aquifer and treats the water, utilizing chlorine dioxide disinfectant, at two water treatment facilities, to produce its excellent tasting tap water.  Most other water utilities use chlorine rather than chlorine dioxide in their disinfectant process, making Hamilton fairly unique in its treatment method.
In response to the receipt of earlier awards, the City of Hamilton began a limited water bottling production of its water in 2010, by investing in a small-scale bottling operation.  Bottled water produced by the City, currently, is primarily used for marketing and promotional purposes at local, regional and national events and not as a competitive, for-profit venture.  Residents can purchase limited quantities of bottled water by contacting the Department of Underground Utilities offices, at (513) 785-7206.
The City of Hamilton owns and operates all four of the primary utilities in the City, including electric (generation, transmission and distribution), natural gas (distribution), water (treatment and distribution) and water reclamation (collection and treatment) systems.  The City continues to be one of the lowest cost providers of all utility services in the Region and the State.
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About Hamilton, OhioLocated on the Great Miami River in the heart of the Cincinnati-Dayton metroplex, Hamilton is a historically-significant city with approximately 63,000 residents. Home to Miami University Hamilton and the County Seat of Butler County, Hamilton is the area center for government, finance and industry. Known for its unparalleled art, cultural & recreational activities, Hamilton is continually expanding its quality of life offerings. An award winning community, Hamilton was the recipient of the 2010 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting "Best Water in the World" award, the winner of the 2012 "Best of the Best" award by the Ohio Section of the American Water Works Association, the prestigious 2010 Public Gas System Achievement Award and four consecutive Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Platinum level awards. Additionally, the Hamilton City School District was named The National School District of Character for 2012. For more information, please visit