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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (September 17/15)
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Hamilton Labour Force Snapshot, Issue 2, August 2015

smiling-computer-ladies.jpg Every month Workforce Planning Hamilton shares the Hamilton Labour Force Snapshot which lists month-to-month changes in the Hamilton labour force, as well as year over year changes, the top industries per sector, industry trends, top occupations, and compares Hamilton unemployment rate with that of Canada and Ontario.

Good news for Hamilton is that although Canada's unemployment rate for August 2015 was 6.8%, and Ontario's was 6.6%, that of Hamilton was a low 5.2%.

Labour Market Outcomes of Young Post-secondary Graduates, 2005-2012

How difficult is it for youth who have a post-secondary education to achieve employment, and what wages can they expect?

Since the recession of the late 2000s youth unemployment has been a concern in Canada. A recent study by Statistics Canada concludes that post-secondary graduates in most fields of study received higher earnings and were more likely to be employed full time than those with a high school education. 

One of interesting findings of the report compares data from 2005 and 2010 with regards to fields of study and whether college graduates are employed full-time.

Reminder! Don't miss out on our event: Competitive Edge: The Central Importance of Essential Skills to Canada's Economic Future

You are invited to attend our event on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 to learn from Scott Murray, an essential skills expert. Workforce Planning Hamilton is hosting this event at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Design Annex as part of the Lifelong Learning Week activities, taking place across Hamilton. 

Find out how the essential skills of the Canadian workforce impact directly on our country's global competitiveness. 

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