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Vol. 4, Issue 1  (April 2/15)
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In what does WPH believe?

Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

Hire Learning Survey 2015: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know

The results of the Hire Learning Survey (HLS) 2015 have just been released! Thanks to the 172 local employers who took the time to answer the survey questions. Thanks to these individuals and to our project partners, our community's knowledge of the local labour market (circa 2014) and its specific needs, such as current and future hiring needs has been increased. 

What did the HLS tell us?

Employers generally have a positive outlook, with close to half seeing their organization growing and 92% planning on hiring in the next year.

Permanent full-time positions are the most common types of jobs available, with over 70% of positions permanent full-time.

A college diploma is the most demanded level of education, with over a quarter of the most hired applicants being people with a college diploma.

The majority of employers find positions hard to fill, with applicants' qualifications, skills and experience as the main reason.

Job and career resources for mature and older job-seekers

outdoor-breakfast-man.jpg Finding a job can be challenging for both younger, and older (mature) workers. The following link lists many job and career resources for baby boomers, mature job-seekers, and older workers looking for new job, work, and career-change strategies, and tactics.
Mentoring: An important strategy to open the Canadian labour market to new immigrants

While recent immigrants to Canada are more highly educated than previous cohorts and the Canadian-born, they earn lower wages and have more difficulties entering the labour market. At a time when we are competing in a global economy, Canada has clearly not leveraged this talent into innovation and productivity.
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