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Vol. 5, Issue 1
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Trading up your career
Skilled Trades Companion Pieces
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Update on Hamilton Healthy Workplaces Project 

hhwHTAB  is entering Phase 3 of the Hamilton Healthy Workplaces Project.  Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, HTAB is offering FREE onsite consultations to local employers. 

An ambassador is available to visit your workplace during April
or May for 15 minutes to share resources (including the Wellness Champion Toolkit), programs, and services that are available to you at no charge as you establish or enhance an existing wellness program for your employees. 

To book an appointment contact Cathy Bijons: 905-521-5777, or contact by email: For more information, visit the Hamilton Healthy Workplaces site:
Trading up Your Career: Guide to Career Opportunities in the Skilled Trades


mechanicA new career guide published by HTAB profiles career
opportunities in the skilled trades in demand in the Hamilton area. To determine which occupations appeared in the guide, HTAB consulted with industry partners and local employers regarding information on education, salary, work environment, hours of work and future prospects. National resources and other Canadian skilled trades studies were used to develop a full range of information for each occupation.


HTAB selected only a few of the many careers available in the skilled trades in Hamilton. Readers are urged to explore the many other career opportunities available in this area through
excellent on-line resources appearing throughout the guide.


Click here to access the guide.

From the HTAB Archives
Skilled Trades Guide Companion Pieces 

Four occupational guides which were released in June 2010 can be used in conjunction with Trading Up Your Career.  Each guide lists the steps to apprenticeship for those interested in a career in one of four sectors: Construction, Industrial, Motive Power, and Service Sector.  Detailed labour market profiles of careers in each trade are presented, as well as the responsibilities, education/training required, wages and future job outlook of each occupation.


Click here to access the Construction Sector Occupation Guide

Click here to access Industrial Sector Occupation Guide

Click here to access Motive Power Occupation Guide

Click here to access Service Sector Occupation Guide

We hope that you find the information provided in this newsletter to be helpful to your business or organization.  Our next newsletter will be delivered to your inbox on April 20, 2011. 
For more information about HTAB and our research and activities please call 905-521-5777 or email us at

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