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Vol. 4, Issue 2
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Essential Skills: Linking Employee Skills to Your Bottom Line
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HTAB Supports Hamilton's Living Wage for Workers Campaign


HTAB's Board of Directors supports a Living Wage for Workers.  If universally adopted a Living Wage for Hamilton would mean that all employers would provide a level of pay that would enable someone working full-time to earn enough to meet their basic needs and fully participate in community life. This rate is different for each community.  The Living Wage Working Group of Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction is busy finalizing the Living Wage rate for Hamilton.

The return on investment for employers 

While some employers may balk at this rate, research clearly shows that firms have less staff turnover, less absenteeism, and increased productivity amongst workers. People stay in jobs longer thus reducing costs of recruiting and training new workers; people have a better attitude towards their jobs, and morale is improved.  (Source: The economic impact of local living wages, Jeff Chapman and Jeff Thompson, Feb. 15, 2006, Economic Policy Institute).  
We'll continue to share information on Hamilton's Living Wage initiative as it becomes available. - A great resource for laid-off workers 

lostmyjob is a valuable FREE resource that provides support for those who have been laid-off, or who are looking for work.


The website is designed to:

� Give people who've lost their job a place to express themselves
� Offer advice on how to cope with job loss

� Answer frequently asked questions
� Point people to organizations and agencies in their community that are here to help
� Showcase the stories of people who've overcome job loss posters and postcards are available to help you share the word about this service. Please email Cyndi at if you would to receive these materials.

From the HTAB Archives
Essential Skills:Linking Employee Skills to Your Bottom Line, A Guide for Employers in Hamilton


computer and phoneLooking for a resource on Essential Skills? In this guide you will find practical information about nine Essential Skills as they relate to occupations in today's workplaces. Discover how assessing the skill needs of your current and future workforce can:

� Identify skills gaps within your organization
� Effectively prepare your workforce to take on new projects and plans

You will also find information on assessment tools and tips for building Essential Skills in your workplace.  Click here to access the guide.

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