Vol. 9, Issue 3, September 20, 2018
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In this week's edition: Discover new labour market tools; RedReach is a job search site for local youth; Artificial intelligence not a bad news scenario.
Are you using all the latest labour market tools?

Have you explored the many resources available on the Government of Canada Job Bank? 

The site provides information that assists job seekers and others in career planning by providing the latest news and views on where the opportunities are.  

In addition to job postings from Hamilton and beyond, you will find information on trends in the labour market as well as latest news headlines. To access this information go to Job Market Trends and News. 

You will find the latest stats on the Ontario labour market and a series of sector profiles providing an overview of recent labour market developments and outlooks.

From here you can also access labour market information on occupations, by wages, skills, outlook and other dimensions.  

This great resource serves to complement and enhance WPH labour market research. 

RedReach: A new job site for youth

RedReach, a job search site for youth was launched on May 28, 2018 by Grade 12 student Lucas Gordon, 17, and Alexander Sundiev, a 28-year-old Mohawk College grad.

The duo developed RedReach at the Forge, a business incubator at McMaster Innovation Park.

The website is free for students and employers, and will eventually move to a revenue model by charging employers who want their jobs featured prominently on the site.

Students have free access to listings in five categories: loading and stocking, hospitality, management and supervision, education and tutoring, and other.

A new report reveals that AI may not be bad news for workers
Ken Goldberg of the University of California, Berkeley, and Vinod Kumar, the chief executive of Tata Communications, a unit of India’s biggest business house have produced a report that is optimistic about the outlook for ordinary employees regarding the future use of Artificial Intelligence.

In many cases, the report says, job satisfaction will be enhanced by the elimination of mundane tasks, giving people time to be more creative.

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