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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 12, Issue 1 (December 1/16)
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Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

Want to know more about Hamilton's economy? Read our 2016 Labour Market Plan Update! 
Last month, Workforce Planning Hamilton released our 2016 Labour Market Plan Update which provides timely information on current trends in Hamilton's labour market, and provides a plan for the key priority areas for action that were established in our multi-year plan in 2014.

Reading the plan will give employers, job seekers and employment service providers vital information about Hamilton's economy.

Did you know?  
  • Just over 2/3rds of businesses in Hamilton are businesses without employees
  • A growing portion of our economy is involved in entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • 83% of businesses in Hamilton are in the service producing sector
  • Small businesses dominate the economy, with 95% of businesses employing less than 50 people


Read the report here.


After reading the Labour Market Plan Update, please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey.



Please access the survey here.  

Fear of economy keeping Canadians in low-paying jobs for longer

A leading economist is debunking talk of jobs being short-term and says Canadians are actually staying in their jobs longer, a fact even true among younger cohorts.

Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, says fear may be driving some people to stop looking for a job because they worry they'll be easily replaced in their current position.

New study finds that farming industry is facing huge labour shortage

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC), a national non-profit focused on agricultural labour, has released a study that shows a widening gap between available jobs in agriculture and the labour pool.

Out-migration by youth is having serious ramifications for farmers across Canada.

The study found that 26,400 jobs went unfilled nationwide in the agricultural sector in 2014.

The study predicts by 2025 the labour gap will double to a potential 114,000 unfilled jobs - more than a quarter of the entire agricultural labour force.
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