February 2019
Morris Knowles & Associates, has been selected as Municipal Engineer for Saltsburg Borough, PA
Morris Knowles & Associates has been selected as the Municipal Engineer for Saltsburg Borough, Indiana County, PA. and will assist the Borough in public works projects as needs arise. The first order of work will be to assist the Borough with their required Corrective Action Plan (CAP), setting forth actions to be taken to reduce sanitary sewer overload and provide needed capacity to their wastewater treatment plant. Also, to prepare the required post construction compliance monitoring plan as part of the previously approved Long Term Control Plan.

Morris Knowles & Associates Serves as a Representative on behalf of Bellwood Borough as a Member of the Blair County
Intergovernmental Stormwater Technical Committee
Morris Knowles, as a Representative, on behalf of Bellwood Borough/Blair County Intergovernmental Stormwater Committee, serves as a contributing member of the Blair County Intergovernmental Stormwater Tech Committee. The ISC Tech committee is comprised of the participating Municipal Engineers that represent each of the eleven (11) individual member communities. The ISC formed this collaborative group to provide technical advice and assist with engineering.
All Municipalities within urbanized areas are governed under PADEP's (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) requirements, which Bellwood Borough is mandated to comply. Requirements are to inventory and map all storm sewer conveyance systems, prepare an annual report to DEP, prevent silt from getting into streams, monitor and sample storm outfalls entering streams and attend periodic audits by the DEP. The Intergovernmental Stormwater Committee was formed by the eleven (11) participating Municipalities to share in the costs, rewards and grant writing in order to comply with the DEP MS4 Requirements for Pollution Reduction Planning and Implementation.

Hammontree & Associates Selected as Municipal Engineer for the
Village of Lakemore, OH

H & A was selected to be the Municipal Engineer by the Village Council of Lakemore, in Summit County, Ohio. H & A is currently working on an Asset Management Program for their water system. H & A assisted the Village in obtaining a 0% interest loan from the Ohio EPA; including partial loan forgiveness (similar to a grant), to help pay for the cost of this program. H & A will also be performing civil site reviews on plans for two new developments in the Village.
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