Most recently, contractor crews installed metal gantry structures and guardrail within the closed median area on I-64 east near Indian River Road (exit 286) in Chesapeake. These structures will support the tolling equipment to be installed as part of the Express Lanes.

Gantry structures were installed on the westbound lanes of I-64 in July. New Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) are being tested and will be erected this fall.

Construction activities currently underway include underground electrical work, installation of concrete sign foundations and concrete pads for
backup generator sites.

In September, an overhead sign structure will be installed on I-64 at the Greenbrier Parkway interchange and will span all lanes across I-64, including the
collector-distributor lanes, and will be located west of the Greenbrier Parkway bridge.

All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions, and the schedule is subject to change.