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July 2018 Newsletter
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Managing Your Wedding Budget 

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You have this dream in your head of the perfect wedding and as you make your lists of all the amazing details you want for your day, you start getting blinded by dollar signs. All of the different aspects of a wedding add up, but don't let that scare you! There are plenty of ways for you to cut costs, while still having the wedding you've always dreamed of. And at the end of the day, remember that the wedding is about a celebration of two families coming together to celebrate your love. 

First thing's first: determine your budget. Determine if you and your fiancĂ© are paying for the wedding yourselves or if you have help from family. Then head over to our website where you can use our Budget Calculator to help you figure out how much of your budget is going to each detail of your wedding. This is a great activity to do with your partner so you know you're both on the same page.

To see our full list of ideas for saving money on your wedding budget, find a copy of our latest issue of HRWG!

Save Your Budget by Limiting Your Guest List
So many aspects of your wedding are a price per guest, so limiting your guest list, as difficult as this may be, is your first step in saving your budget. Sit down with your partner and make your MUST Be There list: the list of people that when you imagine your celebration, they are in the front row with bells on. How long is that list? If it leaves a little room for additional guests, then great! Start adding in additional friends or relatives. If it doesn't, then that's ok! 

Another way to cut down on guests is to keep your wedding Adults Only. Did you know some vendors count children the same as adults? Check with your caterer to see if they offer a kid's meal option if you do want children to attend. 

If you're worried about upsetting family or friends that didn't get an invite- blame the budget! Politely tell them that while you love them and wish you could invite everyone, there just isn't room in your budget. They will understand!   

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Compare and Shop Around

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Shopping around is vital to cutting costs, but there are things to keep in mind when checking out multiple vendors and venues:

Time- Comparing prices of different vendors is time consuming, especially if you're scheduling meetings with each vendor. Obviously with venues you want to go to the venue and see what they have to offer. And that all takes time, especially when you're working a full time job. Give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel stressed. 

Price vs. Quality- Try not to sacrifice the quality of your vendors over price. It's tempting to go with the vendor that is giving you the best price, but are they also giving you what you want? Think of the things that are most important to you- whether that's food or music, and spend a little more there and save on other areas. It's better to have a few amazing vendors and details then a lot of so-so ones.

To DIY or Buy
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There are lots of things you can DIY for your wedding to cut costs. You can create signs yourself or have a friend or family member make yummy desserts for a dessert table. But it's important to keep in mind that sometimes DIY adds up in costs. By the time you buy all of the items for a DIY centerpiece to save on flowers, does it equal the cost of the flowers? Save yourself time, money, and stress by letting a pro handle it!

DIY Network has a great list of some details to DIY and what to leave to the pros! They suggest leaving the music, flowers, photos, and food to the pros and we couldn't agree more. Check it out here.

Featured Vendor
Here & Now Bridal

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Here & Now Bridal offers brides a great way to save on costs with gorgeous designer gowns at up to 80% off the original cost. There's no compromising on quality or experience when you make an appointment with Here & Now. They have an amazing stock of gowns in so many designs. Gowns are sold off the rack every day so there's no need to have a Friends moment and elbow your way through crowds of women wanting the same dress. 

Real Weddings

If there's one area of your wedding that you don't want to skimp on, it's the photography. You get to have this day once, so make sure you have amazing memories of each detail and each moment with your new spouse. While hiring a friend or family member who has a nice camera to be your photographer can be tempting, make sure you're getting the quality that will last a lifetime.

Will Hawkins is one of our favorite HRVA wedding photographers. Will is all about finding the passion in each event he works. He looks for the natural ways that couples show love to each other. We absolutely love his new promo video that details why he is such an amazing photographer. Check it out by visiting his  website!

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