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Vol 2, Issue 11: November 2010

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"Out & About in Hampton Roads"

Out & About in Hampton Roads

TEDxNASA 2010, What Matters Next - Connections: What matters next is innovation, and innovation and creativity are about making connections... to diverse people, ideas, cultures, disciplines, education, families and place. The second TEDxNASA in Hampton Roads took place on Nov. 4 with a nearly 1,700-strong crowd. Read more...

Leaders discuss Climate Change, Education: The next Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Blue Planet Forum focuses on Climate Change and the U.S. Navy on Dec. 2. And the community is invited to learn about The Leader in Me, a school wide process to enhance student and teacher leadership on Dec. 7. Read more...

Survey Says Hampton Roads is Happy and Healthy: Life is good. At least residents of Hampton Roads think so, according to a recent study conducted by ODU's Social Science and Research Center. Read more and download the results...

Hampton Roads is my new neighborhood: As a member of LEAD VIRGINIA Class of 2010, James Sherwood, new Chief Administrator at Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System (moved to the region from Richmond), shared his "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" look at Hampton Roads and Virginia. Read more...

"Arts & Culture"

Arts & Culture

His Heart Belongs to Hampton Roads: Former Virginian-Pilot features reporter, Malcolm Venable, says his new life in Richmond makes Hampton Roads seem like Las Vegas. Read more...

How to make a commercial in Hampton Roads: Provided by Jeff Frizzell, Hampton Roads Film Office, who served as Location Scout for Norfolk Southern Corporation's new campaign, "One Line. Infinite Possibilities." Read more, see the final results...

Shoot for Good - born in Hampton Roads: A 24-hour project bringing kindness into "focus" through photography, designed to be a way to help spread the word about good things happening here in Hampton Roads. Read more and see the photos...

"Business Community"

Business Community

Regional events for community leaders: Hampton Roads Chamber's CEO Welcome Breakfast on Nov. 16; Women in Defense host the author of On Their Own: Women Journalists in Vietnam on Nov. 18; Warren Harris, Director of Economic Development for Virginia Beach, speaks to the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration on Nov. 19. Read more...

Educate, Collaborate and Motivate: WIDGHR hosted their inaugural Professional Development Day on Nov. 12. Topics presented by the area's leading experts appealed to a wide range of interests from business and finance to social and personal management skills essential to long-term success. Read more...

Benefits of regionalism explored by Quality Management Pros: Regional development initiatives are by nature long term. Taking time to engage in such effort is costly no matter the eventual benefit. HRQMC has developed an agenda to both take advantage of regional opportunities in the short term - to deal with Burning Platforms (immediate and severe issues) - and to support longer term economic development objectives. Read more...

The Power of the Education-Industry Partnership: A report from the Center for American Progress on fostering innovation in collaboration between community colleges and businesses features Northrop Grumman Newport News and Thomas Nelson and Tidewater Community Colleges. Read more...

"Hampton Roads: Economy"

Hampton Roads Economy

WAKE UP, Hampton Roads: Captains of industry, mothers of invention and everyone in between filled two events this month when Dr. James Koch delivered his 11th annual "State of the Region" economic health report. Dr. Koch admits to being "pessimistic" on the region's growth prospects for the next 5-10 years. Read more and download the 2010 Report...

Hampton Roads Performs Indicators Updated: The community data website tracks regional progress and provides insight into those aspects of life that will ensure the area's competitive position in the global economy. HRPerforms is the first regional data site of Virginia Performs, a signature initiative of the Council on Virginia's Future. Read more...

Jobs, Economy Loom Large in Elections: Jeffrey Brown of PBS NewsHour took a look recently at the economy and how it's playing as an election issue across the country with four reporters including one of our own representing Hampton Roads to a global audience. Read more and see the video...

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"Education & Workforce"

Education and Workforce

How are the children? The message was clear that America's children are not at all well, at least in terms of their education and future opportunities. Mike Feinberg, co-founder of the charter school system Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), spoke at the Community Matters luncheon, a program of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the Economics Club of Hampton Roads. Read more...

Brain Circulation, Not Drain: Why Foreign Students Don't Crowd Out Americans from the Chronicle of Higher Education. At a time when global student mobility is expanding exponentially, the best graduate students around the world continue flocking to the U.S., and foreign-born university grads contribute disproportionately to innovative, high-growth U.S. firms. Yet anxieties persist about the potential downside of international academic globetrotting, both in the United States and in these students' countries of origin. Read more...

State of Education - Critical: Education is critical to our future success was the resonating message at the State of Education Summit 2010 hosted by ODU's Darden College of Education. Read more...

"Government & Citizens"

Government and Citizens

Constitutional Conversations: The Institute of Bill of Rights Law, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and Williamsburg Regional Library are hosting an eight month conversation about the Constitution and Bill of Rights with a community-based program sending William & Mary law students into the community to educate citizens about their civic rights and responsibilities. The goal is to inspire Hampton Roads community members of all ages to become active participants in the democratic process. Read more...

Collaboration: Big City, Bi-Coastal, Technology Style: Local governments could one day find a wealth of low-cost IT solutions at their fingertips, thanks to the efforts of an informal group of big-city CIOs, the Gang of Seven, who are sharing ideas and collaborating on IT projects. Read more...

Virginia Leaders descend on Hampton Roads: By Jim Oliver, LEAD VIRGINIA Class of 2010 concluded its annual multi-day visit to Hampton Roads with presentations about high speed rail, the use of technology in teaching emergency medicine and economic development. Read more...

Hampton Roads Communities Grades for Government Transparency: Gloucester and York Counties were among only thirty state and local government and school districts to receive an A+ transparency grade from The Sunshine Review. How did other localities fare? Read more...

"Hampton Roads: History"

Hampton Roads History

History Comes Alive: Guest blogger Kelly Copeland shares her thoughts and photos from the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. Read more...

"Hampton Roads: Military Bastion"

Hampton Roads: Military Bastion

JFCOM-Military and ModSim: Click HERE for a complete Hampton Roads resource page on Joint Forces Command. Read more, including comments...

Our Town: Steve Stewart of Tidewater News and Our Town radio show interviewed E. Dana Dickens, III, President and CEO of the Hampton Roads Partnership. They spoke about the proposed closure of Joint Forces Command in Hampton Roads which is headquartered in Norfolk although the majority of employment is located in northern Suffolk. Read more and hear the interview...

"Research & Technology"

Research & Technology

Forum on Sea Level Rise and Wind Energy Potential: The Pew Environment Group, in partnership with the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics will discuss the potential impacts to Virginia from sea level rise and the potential for wind energy in the context of a national Renewable Energy Standard on Nov. 17. Read more...

Biotech at the Beach: Opportunities abound in terms of cutting-edge, technology-based innovation and education. Bioscience is one of the tech clusters growing in the region. On Nov. 19, the series continues with an overview of new product development in ophthalmology. Read more...

Dream - Create - Go: As part of MODSIM World 2010, Mario Armstrong presented a high energy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education event, translating technology into something for everyone. Read more...

Hampton Roads Transportation

Is Hampton Roads On Board? At a meeting of the Urban Land Institute, a panel of experts discussed transit-oriented development, including keynote speaker, Debra Campbell, Planning Director for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Read more...

Transportation Speaker Series: HRCCE hosted a speaker series in Virginia Beach with transportation experts to brief the public and share pictures, ideas and possibilities for our transportation future. Videos of each presentation are available. Read more...

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