April 2020
Hand Washin' Germ Stoppin'

What’s the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy? Hand washing. Louisville Water, with the help of a local creative agency, created a catchy jingle and video that helps remind kids and adults of the proper way to wash hands.
“Hand Washin' Germ Stoppin’” features Tapper, Louisville Water’s mascot. Louisville pure tap® is essential for overall health and hand washing, but it’s especially critical in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.
In addition to the video, Louisville Water’s WaterWorks Museum launched a virtual hub for activities you can do with your kids while at home. Visitors can explore history and participate in challenges that will range from creating your own tornado to hand-washing fun. All materials follow the Centers for Disease Control's recommendations  for hand washing and public health.

Louisville Water hopes parents and kids will watch the video, share with friends and family, and then properly wash their hands and stay healthy.
Our COVID-19 response
A new COVID-19 Response icon on LouisvilleWater.com offers easy access to all of our coronavirus information for customers , including details on the safety of our water, hand-washing tips, and an overview of operational changes (such as closing the Third Street lobby and suspending water turn-offs for failure to pay).
No need to stock up on bottled water

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, many shoppers searching for cases of bottled water are finding empty shelves. A common misconception is that bottled water is better for you and better tasting than tap water, but Louisville Water Quality and Compliance Manager Chris Bobay begs to differ .
Our water is safe

"There’s no need to worry about the safety of your drinking water with the coronavirus," President & CEO Spencer Bruce wrote in an email to customers earlier this week. "In fact, studies show the disinfection we use to treat the water, chlorine, kills water-borne viruses. Enjoy the drinking water at your home. Hydration is key."

Bruce also provided information on the ways Louisville Water is supporting customers who are dealing with challenging financial situations. Read his complete message.
History uncovered -- again!
Current investment in Louisville Water’s infrastructure uncovered an interesting piece of the company’s history. Crews working on the  Eastern Parkway project  found a giant valve under the intersection of Top Hill and Lexington Roads. 

This valve is almost identical to one  found in 2017  while Eastern Parkway crews were removing sections of 48-inch cast iron water main installed in the 1920s. The first valve was found in Cherokee Park near the 6th green of the golf course. Both valves are about 12-feet-long and weigh an estimated 10,000 pounds each. Plans are underway to determine how Louisville Water can display one of its historic valves at the WaterWorks Museum.  
The faces of Louisville Water
Scientist Emily Fritz is one of the first employees featured in a new social media campaign that highlights Louisville Water staff members in a range of jobs throughout the company. We are proud of our staff’s work to keep pure tap flowing for all! Please click the icons at the bottom of this newsletter if you’d like to follow Louisville Water’s social media channels.
Where is this?
You could win a prize if you know!
It's the base of a fairly famous fountain in an area of Louisville known for its annual art fair. Can you tell us where it is? The first five people  to answer correctly   will receive a pure tap prize pack. Good luck!
Congratulations to the winners of the March contest: Patti Maloney, Kenneth Edwards, Jennifer Barnett, Angela Bartley and Mike Avery. Below is the picture from the March contest. This is our model of the Louisville Water Tower located in our downtown lobby.
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