Hand in Hand has gone VIRTUAL!!
The corona virus has taken away so much - including a sense of normalcy and routine, social interactions, school and much more, but it can never take away our Friendship with our special friends!!!

Instead of the Hand in Hand visits taking place at the children's homes, it will take place virtually via Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts!
We also put together a broadcast which will feature different kinds of entertainment like puppet shows, story reading, and talent show. This will replace Sunday Circle for the time being.
A link will be emailed separately.

We urge everyone to follow the CDC guidelines. The more we can distance from each other socially, the greater positive impact we can have. By acting together for the greater good, we may be able to slow the rate of infection, please G-d, allowing the medical community to save as many lives as possible over the coming weeks.
My hope is that we can see this as an opportunity. 
We never "close our doors", rather we “open and expand our horizons" with your help, to your home and to the hundreds of beautiful homes of our community. 

If there's any way we can help or if you need to talk, we are here for you. Call or text me (732-829-7476).

May we all remain healthy and safe,


Yaakov Greenberg